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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a building associated with healing the sick
A total of 751 entries

First Glass Hospital of Erwy

Chardastes Wing, Temple of Khoronus

The healing fount of Embura

University of Magic - Recovery wards

Ilmater's Healing Hands Hospital

Saint William's Medical Pavilion

The Academy of Arcane Medicine

Dragovich Clinlic of Alchemical Remedies

Starmark Restorative Clinic

Parish of the Golden Scar

Brightlight Medical Laboratory

Frisian Campus of the Peace and Mercy Hospital

The Healers Hall of Aetheria - Prompt #1 A building devoted to healing the sick.

Tripler Naval Research Hospital

Lorian Cathederal of the Silver Dawn

Guildhouse of the Mariners

Morelian Healer's Guild Outpost

The Healing Temple of Ramses

Coedwig's Cradle Medical Center

St. Delphinie Hospital and Rescue Center

Brossal Hospital of the loving Brethren

Hut of the Antari forest's witch

The Mother's Milk Apothecary

Abbey of Sainte Marie Madeleine

Center of Holistic Alternative Treatments

The Fortress of Recovery

The Moon-Goddess Temple of Ildonia

Temple of Heironeous, Duvik's Pass

Durantia's Universal House of Healing

Nick's No-Knick House of Grooming

The Medical Division of the Research University of Rellen

Ruined Clearwater Lake Sanatorium

The Hospital of Infectious Care, Neovoly

Whisperwood-Salter Regional Hospital

Luciera's Temple in Bridgetown

The Sisters of Ambergris Travelling Apothecary Carts

The Abbey of the First Light

The Hospital of Decimation in Erdenfeuer {WASC 2021}

St. Rodrigo's Care for the Injured and Infirm

Heartstone General Hospital

Abbey of St. Artin the Martyr

The "Black Trade" Plague Houses

The Church of Our Martyred Lady

Multaven College of Medicine Hospital

Apollo Medical and Hermes All in One Way Station

Velene Conservatory of Healing

The Great Pantheon Library

Ban'an'a Prison for the Hopelessly Criminal

Temple of Arrkettil in Lastar

Cathedral of the Guiding Light

Neira's Sailing Song Temple

The Witch Hut of Calglennar

The Holy Cross Memorial Hospital

The Keep of the Royal Congregation

Temple of the Martyred Hand

The Ruins of Citlalicue Clinic

High Chapter House of the Blessed Tarron

Temple of Light - Elenoran

The Doorway, Specialist Tattoos

Morogba's Seaside Apothecary

The Hospital Wing of The Royal Society Publishing

The Institute of Drakonia Medical Research

Halvdøden hospitals and sur-services

Healing house of Eishellis

The Helsing Clinic of Vampiric Thrall Rehabilitation

The Temple-Brothel of the Rose and Heart

Shrine of Earth and Water

Wentworth Pharmaceuticals Headquarters

Great Apothecary of Solquieto

Wind's Respite Delivery Center

Den of the Cave Mother on Cethlenn

The Shrine of Saint Craydin the Healer

Alderthan, The Cathedral of Miracles

Sentius Operated Medical Facility for Anatomical Repair and Improvement

Dry Willow Medical Community

Celestial Magic and Medical Centre

Temple of the Dragon Waters

Pshirriag Uif Eosuidim {Hospice for Lost Minds}

Prompt 1: Ludin's Medical Clinic

Magical Medical Clinic of Nonogawa

Hamasa Anlel College of Medicine

Warkudi's Pavilion of Remedy and Repose

Malarigh Center for Reflection and Refuge

Chapel of the Skyward Plea

Massabielle Grotto of Our Lady at Lourdes, France

Mar. Owendolyn's Embrace of Penchester

The Coldwell Caves "Rehabilitation" Rooms

AD&D: The Association of Death and Dismemberment

Faultline Center of Regeneration - FCR

The Al-Safi Institute of Medicine

Tiran Temple, Blackstraum

Pelorgan House of Healing

Hospital of the Hallowed Patrick

Orloch's Veterinary and Apothecary