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Nylphia's Nexus

A big complex in the Querenth inner-city that serves as the city's main hospital. The nexus consists of multiple individual buildings. One of which is the main building, an old temple dedicated to Nylphia. It has a big dome skylight that has been restored over the last century. This is why the Humans call it Nylphia's nexus.  


The nexus is the biggest hospital in Querenth. A place where the sick can get healed. The nexus is used by all rich inner-city folk. Anyone from the poorer outer districts is probably not ever going to end up here. It has the best facilities money can buy. And with the S.E.P.S running security, it is one of the safest places in all of Querenth.  


The nexus started off as a temple dedicated to the goddess Nylphia. Like in most of Nylphia's temples, it was frequently used as a healing hall. This, paired with the fact that it's really not that far away from the Great Pantheon of Querenth, made it so that over the course of the first century of the fourth era, the temple changed into more of a standardized hospital. At first, it was used to heal all of the sick of Querenth. Back in the days when the senate was full of idealists. During this time, it also expanded quite a lot. But then the senate got more and more corrupt, and so did the nexus. In time, it was home to the best healers of the Republic. Which is ironic, since most of the really sick Querenthi couldn't afford a giant medical piggybank that was located in a part of the city they couldn't even get to.

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