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Summer Camp 2019

Mon 1st Jul ,2019 - Thu 1st Aug ,2019

30 days, 30 prompts, 300+ words each, $5000 prizes to be won!

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Past Challenges

Documents of Discovery

Sat May 18th - Tue May 28th

Every expedition has its logs, no matter the medium it is stored.

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The Colony Challenge

Sat Apr 20th - Wed May 1st

New lands, new opportunities; a powerful colony can bring about change both good and bad that will last centuries. We want to hear about your most influential colony!

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Death of a Legend

Sat Mar 16th - Wed Mar 27th

All Legends have beginnings and ends, but we want to hear about a legend whose end was their beginning.

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Tower of Power

Wed Feb 13th - Sat Feb 23rd

The Tower; a ubiquitous lair for those beyond being inconspicuous. We want to hear about your Towers of Power!

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A Family Affair

Sat Jan 19th - Wed Jan 30th

Made through blood or bond, family is everything! We want to hear about the most powerful families in your world!

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WorldEmber 2018

Fri Nov 30th - Tue Jan 1st

10,000 words, 31 Days, $1000+ in Prizes!

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Food, Glorious Food!

Wed Oct 10th - Thu Oct 25th

A scrumptious challenge to tingle your tastebuds! We want to hear about one of the tastiest dishes in your world!

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Forging Worlds with Tale Foundry

Sun Aug 12th - Sat Oct 13th

You build the world, we'll write the story!

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Summer Camp 2018

Sun Jul 1st - Tue Jul 31st

30 days, 30 prompts - 300 words each - $750+ In prizes!

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Masters Challenge

Rise to Power!

Sat Jun 2nd - Sat Jun 30th

Tell us about an organisation in your world, and how they rose to ULTIMATE POWER!

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Frightful Fauna

Sat May 26th - Sat Jun 9th

Tell us about a terrible and fearsome monster from your world.

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Masters Challenge


Sun May 6th - Thu May 31st

Tell us about what's plaguing your world! Sickness, epidemics, diseases...

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Sacred Site

Fri Apr 27th - Thu May 10th

Tell us about a sacred site within your world!

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Festive Gathering

Sat Apr 21st - Tue Apr 24th

Tell us how people in your world celebrate with a festive gathering!

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