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A distraction-free writing environment-with your full outline and your complete world bible one click away for easy reference. Stay focused on your epic storytelling journey with customizable writing goals and progress tracking.
With handy features like mind mapping and plot templates based on proven storytelling methods, you can craft a complex, well-paced book that keeps your readers engaged.
Write collaboratively with partners in a shared workspace, or serialize your novel to build anticipation. With World Anvil, you're free to write your book, your way.

  • Quickly find everything! NPCs, plots, monsters & locations.
  • Prompts & tips help you start and stay inspired.
  • Embed interactive maps, images, music & sound effects.
  • Automatically links all your content for ready reference.

Advanced Interactive World Bible

Worldbuilding is a vital part of writing fantasy and science fiction. And it’s what we do best! Are you tired of getting lost in your own fantasy or sci-fi worlds and struggling to keep track of your characters, locations, and plot lines?
No more forgetting important details or wasting hours trying to find that one name, item, event, or location! Easily create (and maintain) a rich, interactive world bible, complete with maps, timelines, family trees and character profiles.

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"I’ve been forging worlds for over 40 years. Every new world I create now begins, takes root, and comes alive exclusively in World Anvil. There is simply no better environment to organize, create and comprehend a complex, functioning, breathing universe."

Tracy Hickman

Co-Creator of Dragonlance, Award-Winning Novelist & RPG Creator


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Publishing & Promotion Platform

World Anvil has over 2 million users worldwide, so our online publishing toolset is a fantastic way to build an audience. Add marketing messages, and link to your Kofi, Patreon or buy links.
You can release serial fiction, or chapter-by-chapter to keep readers hooked. Want to experiment with interactive fiction, Choose Your Own Adventure or LitRPG? World Anvil is the ideal place to explore your biggest, boldest ideas.
Create subscription levels to provide early or exclusive access to teasers, exclusive bonus content, pre-orders, or beta ARCs-to your biggest fans.

Fictional Family Tree Maker

Keep track of sprawling dynasties, fantasy noble houses and royal families with Bloodlines, our fictional family tree maker! You can track bloodlines, magic, figure out who’s going to be king, and who’s related to whom, with our Bloodlines creator.
It’s simple to use, and relationships are automatically generated!

Kickstart Your Writing Career

Monetize your worldbuilding to kickstart your creative career and support yourself between book releases! Give exclusive access to extra content-like character secrets, short stories or advanced chapters-to your Patrons, supporters and paying customers!



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