World Anvil

World Anvil is a worldbuilding tool for Authors and Tabletop RPG Storytellers

Welcome, Worldbuilder! If you’re a writer or author, World Anvil is a game-changer in the best way possible! Our integrated worldbuilding system is the perfect World Bible for storing your setting information, images and research. Our mentions system makes it incredibly easy to navigate! You can map out and nest your plots, plan your character arcs, keep track of locations, side characters and languages, and add timelines to document the history behind your writing.

You can also publish your writing on World Anvil with the easy-read prose template, and give access to select groups - for example, your Beta Readers or your Patreon supporters. You can embed images and soundtracks into your work, and change the presentation of your world’s pages, for an even more immersive reading experience.

World Anvil’s development has always been guided by our community, and we’re planning another huge writing update in the coming months with new features especially for authors. Come join us on our Discord and become part of the change you want to see on World Anvil!

World Anvil, the features

Templates designed for worldbuilding

Our templates (all 24+ of them!) contain worldbuilding prompts, helping you to build more depth and detail in your world. You can write as much or as little as you like in each article, edit them later, and there’s a generic template too.

Mentions – the best cross-reference system ever

You can reference other articles using the mentions system (‘@’ then three letters), helping you create a fully integrated world and avoid replicating information. Want to mention something that you haven’t created yet? You can do that too, then create the missing article with just one click!

Search your content in seconds

What was the name of that character, again? You can search your content in seconds, so you never need to worry about recovering those minor details in a hurry. You can also use tags, making things even easier to find in a moment.

Interactive Maps

With World Anvil’s interactive maps you can drop linkable pins, which can lead to articles (for example, detailing a location, landmark or scene summary) or even to another map (a city district map, for example). They’ll help you plot character movement, visualise your world more clearly, and even introduce it to others.

Timelines, a visual history

With Timelines, you can easily note down historical or current events. You can divide them into Eras, and even create Parallel Timelines for different species, organizations, or realities.

Make notes with the Notebook

Our easy notebook feature allows you to leave yourself notes that you can flesh out later into full articles. Perfect for the worldbuilder on the go!

Pictures, sound and more…

Whether you’re publishing chapters, a campaign setting, or inviting people to enjoy your worldbuilding, World Anvil helps your work stand out on the page. You can format your text – bold, italics, headers, and more – and easily embed images, quotes and even sound tracks from Spotify or Youtube, to create a deeper sensory experience.

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