World Anvil

World Anvil is a worldbuilding tool for Authors,
Storytellers and worldbuilding lovers.

It's an online set of tools specifically designed for worldbuilding.
It will allow you to organise your world, search through everything and anything with ease,
present it publicly and get feedback from a community of worldbuilders around the globe.

How it works


Keep your ideas and your work together in one safe place. Create characters, locations, species and more with over 20 specialised templates. Create timelines and track the events which shaped your world. Create secrets, hide them away from prying eyes, and share them only with special few. Quickly write down your notes so you never lose that great idea ever again.

Find and Present

Access everything you wrote by just typing 3 letters. Search through your documents, images and maps, and see the relationships between your characters and your organisations. Show your work to the world for free or charge for it as you see fit!

Get Feedback and Resources

Engage with a community of people that love worldbuilding as much as you do. Get feedback and comments on your work and grow to become better every day. Find worldbuilding resources like articles, vlogs, podcasts and talk to artists that can help you bring your work to life with their amazing illustrations, maps and concept art.

More than just articles

World Anvil is not just a fancy looking wiki. It is designed specifically for worldbuilding and to accommodate the complex relations that govern a world, between characters, organisations, species etc. Each template is crafted to make it easier for you put as much or little information as you want. You will be able to completely hide your notes and secrets from the public, and create timelines specific to each of your articles and display them separately.

Powerful search

If you are a writer, in the process of working through the second or third book of your trilogy you know the pain of trying to remember the name of that one character. If you are a storyteller building a world for several years now you know how difficult it is to recall the name of that very important event, or sometimes, which came first - the dragon or the egg. With World Anvil you can simply search through all your articles, maps, images and historical events for anything and easily navigate to it. The autocomplete option will give you the suggested results, or you can use the advanced search page to really drill into the details.

Mention them like on Twitter!

Imagine this - you write an article and inevitably you mention one of the characters of your book or world. Wouldn't be great if his name would link to his article, making it super-easy for anyone reading the article to know more about her? Simply write '@' and start typing any name of any article. Magic! Your world is now an interconnected network of related articles!

Create maps, Drop pins, link everything

Uploading an image to a map is nice, but what if you could drop pins to that map and each of these pins could connect to other maps or locations or to articles about the kingdoms and planets of yours world? Cool right? Well, you can do that!