Progress, Changes and Upcoming Features

World Anvil Progress and Upcoming Features


We are currently working on the core elements of the World Anvil.
While the basic functionality is there already, we a have a long way to go.


  • In Testing

  • Advanced Article Relations
  • In Development

  • Community v.1.0
  • Completed

  • Subscribers & User Groups
    Books & Chapters
    Timelines v.2.0
    Map and Markers
  • Help and Introduction
  • Notes
  • Secrets
  • Timeline
  • Image Gallery and Management
  • BBCode Implementation
  • Basic Community Features
  • Private worlds
  • User Profile v.1.5
  • Article Templates

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2018 03 01, 10:29 enhancement 

You can now add to every and each of your articles a Previous and Next article! This means that you can create a book like structure for your readers to follow.
For you writers out there this means that you can have Book like Categories which can be read article by article.
In addition to that the Category of the article was just bumped up and it's visible in between previous and next at the bottom of each article

On Gender and Sex [enchancement]

2018 02 17, 08:03 enhancement 

The following changed have been made to the Character Template:
- Reversed the order of Mental / Physical Tab (so Mental shows first)
- Spllit Gender and Sexuality in two different sections
- Moved Biological Sex under Physical Description

Word counter for all Worldbuilders Guild members!

2018 01 04, 07:59 enhancement 

You asked for it! You got it! After the love that the WorldEmber word count received, I have been asked to allow counting of words for articles. So here you have it!

Older articles don't have a word count but once you resave them they will. All new articles will have a word count the first time you save them!


Usability enhancements

2018 01 03, 18:51 enhancement 

- New BBcode: Horizontal Line BBCode [hr]
- New easy-access link: Create timeline on Create dropdown
- Clicking on an image now takes you to that image's page and you can now see full size image when you click "View fullsize image"
- Category, Timeline, Image and Map icons for World Dashboard menu

Timelines v.2.0 Drop 4

2018 01 02, 13:33 new features 

Timelines v.2.0 are now complete! Some extra features will be added in the days to come to refine some parts of the feature but these will be considered "generic enhancements"

- You can now Have ERAS in your timelines
- You can reset from Year 0 or Year 1 for each era
- You can Invert the dates into a timeline (based on the ending year of your Era)
- 4 New BBcodes are added to help you link to your Timelines and HIstorical entry pages
- Minor visual and technical enhancements on the previously release Timelines v.2.0 were also implemented

New BBcode examples: (You can find them ready made for you at the TImeline / history edit page top right panel)
[history:e70b3ffc-beaf-423f-b084-72bc5bae3147]Your title here[/history]
[timeline:9cff7aee-af6f-4eb8-a526-2d141933036e]Your title here[/timeline]