Progress, Changes and Upcoming Features

World Anvil Progress and Upcoming Features


We are currently working on the core elements of the World Anvil.
While the basic functionality is there already, we have a long way to go.


  • In Testing

  • Advanced Article Relations
  • In Development

  • Community v.1.0
  • Completed

  • Subscribers & User Groups
    Books & Chapters
    Timelines v.2.0
    Map and Markers
  • Help and Introduction
  • Notes
  • Secrets
  • Timeline
  • Image Gallery and Management
  • BBCode Implementation
  • Basic Community Features
  • Private worlds
  • User Profile v.1.5
  • Article Templates

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Categories Enhancement: Quality of Life improvements

2018 05 21, 05:58 enhancement 

We’ve struck while the iron is hot!

- Saving changes on a category reloads the category edit page. Saving changes used to redirect to the category list. No more going back and forth! -Added link to the category list to view a category.

- The list of Articles in the Category edit screen now has links to Edit and View the article.

Now go forth with upgraded tools in hand!

Item & Tradition Template Enhancement

2018 04 25, 08:00 enhancement 

The Item and Tradition templates just got a a much needed re-innovation and they just the first two! We will be going through all our templates, organizing and adding a plethora of new enhancements!

Item Template
- Added: Manufacturer (Organization)
- Added: Related Ethnicities
- Added: Inner Workings / Mechanics
- Added: Related Technology (Tech Tree Coming SOON)
Tradition Template
- Added Names, Unisex - Added Birth/Baptismal Rights - Added Coming of Age Rights

Community Page update

2018 04 13, 10:39 enhancement 

Featured articles are back on the Dashboard - Also the Community homepage should now be much faster to load

New Theme: Opulent

2018 04 10, 10:38 enhancement 

Opulent by our amazing TJTrewin

Copy to clipboard from the Image gallery

2018 04 07, 10:35 enhancement 

In order to make it easier to embed images into your articles you can now copy to Clipboard for Image BBCode from the Image Gallery

New Theme: Zen

2018 04 07, 10:33 enhancement 

New Theme: Your World, Darkly

2018 04 07, 10:33 enhancement 

Once again, a great thank you to Oneriwien for his amazing work.

New Theme: S C R I P T U R E

2018 04 06, 10:32 enhancement 

For the refined ladies and gentlemen of the medieval times. Hail @WhiteMace for the contribution

Map Legends

2018 04 06, 10:29 enhancement 

Your maps now have a legend that you can add, details, information, links and everything else that will give them context

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