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Regardless if you are writing your next novel or you are a D&D dungeon master, at some point you will get stuck. It happens to all of us. These worldbuilding prompts are here to inspire you to write your next article and help you spark the next idea that will get you going.

Each of these worldbuilding prompts is designed to fit in one of World Anvil's templates and clicking on the of each of them will give you more information in the form of link and videos to get thinking and of course a list of all other articles written for this worldbuilding prompt to see what the rest of the people in the community have been up to.


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Building / Landmark

Describe a building in your world is used for leisure pursuits? What does it look like, and what do people do there?

-- Janet
Building / Landmark

Write about a shop, in or tavern that its name is a pun


Describe the largest diaspora in your world. Why did they leave their homeland?


What kind of formal education is available to children in your world? Why is it available and how is it organized?

-- Rynn19
Myth / Legend

Describe the myth surrounding a creature in your world


Describe a cult in your world. How did they form and what do they believe in?"


What is the leading cause of death in your world?

Geographic Location

What's the highest summit in your world? Has anyone ever reached the top?


What is your world's equivalent to tea or coffee?


Describe the most dangerous apex predator in your world.


Write about a disease with an unknown origin in your world. How do people treat it?

Myth / Legend

What stories do parents tell their children about to scare them into good behaviour?


Who is the most famous living artist in your world?


Describe the most famous pieces of art in your world. What made them so famous?


Describe a common form of currency in your world. Who issues it and what is its value?


Tell us about a famous family or dynasty in your world!


Describe an endagered species in your world. Why is it in this position?


Flowers, fans, beard twitching and sign language - tell us about a language without a verbal componant in your world!

Building / Landmark

Describe a natural or constructed wonder in your world. What purpose does it serve and what is the significance behind it?


What is the most popular tattoo design I can get inked? What does it mean?

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