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Most Liked Articles Last 7 days

Nai Island

A small island home to fishermen

Iain Baird

First Director of the Occult Research and Prevention Agency

Khanty Sea

A huge tropical sea in the middle of the world

Robotic Physiology

The power to take on numerous, various physical characteristics of a robot, machine, weapon or android.

Most Viewed Articles Last 7 days

Iain Baird

First Director of the Occult Research and Prevention Agency

Khanty Sea

A huge tropical sea in the middle of the world

Nai Island

A small island home to fishermen

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Newest Articles

The Phoenix Legion

The Conquest driven kingdom of the East.


Half-orc cleric

The Mercury

The Pinnacle of dwarven engineering and one of the only surviving flagships.


the south-eastern clan

The Skyburners

The Mobile soldiers of the Skies.

Mesitanian Crisis

Conflict between the Mesitanian Lords and their King


A half orc on a road to glory she is building herself

Ornhendhel, peuple des arbres

Peuple des arbres (elfes)

Elmarian Hierarchy

The last bastion of Archaic dynasty


Alric, Ebenenian, 3rd prince of the Ebenenian empire

by Pbd33
in Earth


The Motivated Exiles


The dominant sapient species on the planet Artimesia

Samra Ornk

Head of Industry

Amelia Fir

Head of the Health Services

Sea Empire

Civilizations who exist based on the ocean.


Luka is an experiment like Lucy, created in the same program. But unlike Lucy, who was a failed product that escaped the facility, Luka was a success in all the worst possible ways.

Adrie Loreweaver

Feyworld Emissary

Praying Mantis

Praying mantises are big and deadly


Giant millipedes are ridden like buses or trains

Serpent Hills

Arid hills north of Najara




Female, Paumotou, mercenary/assasin, orphan

by Pbd33
in Earth

Teron VI

Turl Conqueror of Arga, Former of the Holy Kingdom of Rhaim

Xie Pi Mana Ofana

this would be her name translated to english, which the english speaking kingdom manity uses.

Teron V

Turl High King who took the delta

Sword Coast Magi Militia

Elite force of magic users who fight crime in the Sword Coast region

Louis Anga

High Priest

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