We are hiring

We are hiring! Join the team!

Trying to manage a community of 150.000 people while being a small team is HARD!
We need talented, awesome people to join us in order to bring World Anvil up the next level!

We are currently looking to Hire a FULL STACK PHP/Symfony Web developer.

Medium Weight PHP/Symfony Full Stack Developer

We are looking for an ethusiastic super-star NINJA mega-dev blah blah blah ... Well actually...
We are looking for someone who loves World Building, Tabletop RPGs or writing with a kind and caring heart who puts the worldbuilders of the community (users) first.

Required Skills

These are the skills you really should have as a minimum

  • Strong PHP7
  • Strong Symfony3/4
  • Strong Doctrine / MySQL
  • Fluent in English
  • Good understanding of Git/Github
  • Good understanding of Linux
  • Good understanding of HTML5
  • Good understanding of CSS2/3
  • Good understanding of Javascript
  • Understading of DRY/SOLID principles
  • Understanding of Agile Practices

Required Attributes

These are the things we'd look to see if you will be a good match for the team

  • You are self motivated and take initiative
  • You are able to self organize
  • You consider yourself a creative, code is art
  • You have a passion for Worldbuilding/RPGs/Writing
  • You want to become better and learn new skills every day
  • You are kind and want the users that use your work to be happy

Bonus Points!

You get +1 to initiative for each of these skills (in no particular order

  • NodeJS
  • React or Angular
  • Rabbit MQ
  • Redis
  • Working with AWS S3/Dynamo DB
  • Working with SendGrid / AWS SES
  • Elastic Search

We Offer

This is a non exhaustive list of what you can expect from us!

  • An exciting project to work on
  • Working remotely from ... wherever
  • Super Flexible working hours
  • Personal development time every second Friday, on the house
  • Awesome challenges
  • Stress free, quality and user-first approach to web development
  • Help to learn new skills and hone the ones you already have
  • Cookies

Are you as HYPED as we are to have you with us?
If you have the required skills nad attributes please send us a CV so we can get this ball rolling!

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