The World Anvil Team

We are a small team of extremely passionate
worldbuilders, writers, artists and web developers, dedicated to creating a tool that will help worldbuilders, writers and storytellers bring their worlds to life.

We work hard and we party hard, mostly around a table, with dice ... RPG style! We love our platform and we are passionate about growing it and the community around it to the best of our abilities.

Founders / Permanent Staff

Janet Forbes

Founder, CEO
Queen of Bananas

Dimitris Havlidis

CTO, Web Developer
Amateur Udan Rider

Extended Team (External Contractors)

Andy K.

Project & Business Adviser
Paladin of the Anvil

Brandon R.

Javascript Dev Support, Discord Admin
(They/them) The All-Seeing Eye

Drew S

Community Outreach
Twitch Lurker and Grognard


Codex Wizard, Help Fairy (They/them)

Phoebe D.

Customer Services
Guild Manager and Agent of Order

Stephan Franz

JavaScript Developer
Resident Wizardry Professor

TJ Trewin

Designer, Social Media Manager (He/Him)
Conjurer of Pixels

Community Leaders

Keeping our Discord server, Twitch and YouTube channel the friendliest place on the internet and Events a pleasure to take part in

Keeping the Community Safe

Andrew Hayward

Moderator, Knower of Things (He/Him)
Supposed Lion

Brent C

Moderator (He/Him)
the Laughing Prophet

Geoff G

Moderator (He/Him)
Lord of the Hefflings

Heather S.

Moderator, Android Princess, (She/Her)

Isaac Thompson

Moderator (They/them)
Anvil Spectre

Isaac Walker

Discord Administrator
Sorcerer of Tea

Mara Merchán

Enchanter, Moderator, Blue (She/her)
First Spark

Matthieu A.

Moderator, Happy

Ryan Tompkins

Moderator, Uberphish (He/him) /p>

Keeping the Community Happy, Informed & Motivated!


Enchanter, CSS Maestro (He/Him)

Rin Kempe

Enchanter, Basic Dragon


Enchanter, Anvilchan, Digi Pixie Painter

Tyler Lawton

Master of Games, The W.A.R-caster

Keeping the Anvil Working & Growing

Emmanuel Large

Development Operations, Herald of the Omnissiah