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The Evergreen Garden we called it for generations, for the sensations and shapes, and forms bloomed generously and withered silently. But Tæn-ĭ-Sáveni, ventured to this world for millenia, witnessing the summer and fall of Tanitris, the City of Æterial Form. They called it Ædeos - the True World.
Considering Tæn-ĭ-Sáveni Aš-Šúrúkh

What is Ædeos?

The realm of all that is immaterial, seen by many as Chaos incarnated. People minds awaken a number of forms but cannot comprehend what is completely unknown to them. The unimagineable cannot be pictured and yet it lived and lives in Ædeos. That, and much more.

How is it constructed?

The world is surrounded by the veil of Void - the nothingness. The Void is generally thought to be impenetrable as through millenia there was but a single direct passage found. There exist other, more unpredictable ways to get in, but these are seldomly used, mainly for safety reasons.
  Ædeos shares the same planes as everything immaterial, i.e. thoughts, emotions, sensations, etc. That said, the placement of certain domains is culture-dependent. Whatever concepts are generally accepted by one community will appear as closer in Ædeos, and opposite. This makes it all the more difficult to share the finding to someone from outside. That is where the Gathering ritual comes into play.   A collective mind is formed, which shares the aptitudes among the group. Each and every member becomes aware of the other. By tuning the power and the type of aptitudes it is much more probable to enter Ædeos in a repeatable manner.

How is it used?

A number of tribes venture into it knowingly to understand the structure of the physical (external) and the emotional (internal) world. Of those tribes, the best versed are Tæn-ĭ-Sáveni, who have for generations cultivated the Gathering ritual - a passage to Ædeos.