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I work a lot. The tiny bit of free time I have, I enjoy spending on drawing, reading, playing all kinds of games (mostly PC) and watching youtube videos.   I currently have 4 worlds. 2 of them are currently private while I finish CSS and core articles.   Idyll is a "high-fantasy" world with no humans...humans from other worlds are summoned to this world pretty frequently though. XD   Breck's Haven is a pocket world within "our own world". This is a remake on a world with an old story that I came up with around the time that I read Harry Potter for the first time. In the beginning of 2021 I decided to pick it up again.   Skywell is world with a small magical planet core which flying islands orbits around.   Lunafel is a co-owned world together with my sibling Hayate. It's a steampunk world.

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Favorite TV Series

Mushishi, Faceoff, Ink Master, CSI, Forensic files, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Boku no Hero Academia, Tiger & Bunny...

Favorite Books

The art of war (Sun Tzu), Elantris (Brandon Sanderson), Forensics for dummies (D.P Lyle, MD), The devotion of suspect X (Keigo Higashino)

Favorite Writers

Don't have any favorites...

Favorite Games

World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Don't starve, The Sims (all the numbers), Banished, Cities Skylines, Hearthstone, Magic: The gathering, House Flippers, Night in the woods....


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