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  Breck’s Haven is a pocket dimension in our own world. Breck, the strongest magic-user to have ever lived, created it to shelter magical creatures and magic users.   What he did not know is that his shelter would be attacked by forces from outside of our world. Now Breck’s Haven is what is protecting our world from The Astral Planes.
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Which color will you dye your flame in?
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The Skull - Necromancers   The Hand - Warlocks   The Eye - Druids   The Key - Wizards   The Harp - Bards   The Pentagram - Witches
The Guilds
Organization | Aug 20, 2021

There are 6 types of magic users and these are the Guilds that govern them.

Read about the Guilds from the link above or take the test below to find out which magic style you are attuned to and thus which Guild society expects you to join...there are no second chances.
Guild test
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