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Breck's Haven is a pocket dimension existing within our own world. It's hidden but If you can use magic you are welcome here. If you are born here, but your flame of Magic never sparked, of course you are still welcome here.  


Thousands of years ago, during the great flood, Breck created his pocket dimension to protect the magic users both from themselves and to protect the non-magic humans from the magic users.   Breck herded every human with magical abilities he could find into his Haven. Several returned back to Earth after a couple of years and magic users from supposedly new lines continue to pop up on Earth.   Every year Earth is scoured for newly awaked flames by the Mages, the awakened are then taken to Breck's Haven for an "interrogation".
  There are currently 14 million people living in Haven. Around 952 000 of the inhabitants work as a Mage. These are the people who have trained to protect the world from the demons of the The Astral Planes. Around 6 million of the inhabitants do not currently have any magical abilities.


Urban Fantasy, Romance (LGBTQ+), Mystery, and Slice of life.


Bleak grey to Noble bright, depending on the story.


Love, Family, life & death, and Morality.


It's 2019. In Haven, technology lags behind. Computers and the internet are only used by some organizations.
Who turned off the sun an hour early?
— a Court member
Haven is oval-shaped and is 835,269 km² wide and the sky is 6.096 km high.  



  In Haven, the sun always starts rising to the center of the sky at 7 am and hides behind the treetops at 7 pm, since it is a magical sphere controlled by the Court. The timezone GMT+3 is used at all times.   There is only one landmass with a size of 449,351 km². In the middle of the large landmass sits Breckskeep and around the landmass is what could be called an ocean. While on the ocean, traveling with the sun at your back, you will eventually hit an impenetrable wall. The edge of Haven.   Haven can be reached from all over the Earth with the help of a Key.
Every year I start to wonder why I even decided to stay here, then after exam week is over again I remember.
— A 5th year student
  There is latent magic in most people on Earth. For children with parents who are magic users, there is a huge chance that the flame of their magic will awaken without any sparks.   Every year around 10-30 people are found on Earth and taken to Haven where they are offered an education in magic. These people later get to decide if they want to stay in Haven or return home.  


When the flame of Magic is first sparked in a person it burns blindingly white.   If the flame keeper does not use magic it will eventually burn out. If the keeper learns to use their flame to create magic the flame will be dyed in the color of the type of magic that they learn to use.   If a keeper does not settle on a type of magic to use, if they try to learn them all, their magic will eventually become weak. In recent history, Breck is the only magic user that has been able to master all 6 of the types.   There are 6 types of magic that can be taught either at home or at a magic school, the most famous of those being Breckskeep.


Breckskeep was the first building to be built in this pocket dimension. It was created with magic while the buildings after that were built by hand. At first, the keep was used for habitation.   When other houses and settlements had been created around Haven the building became empty and it was decided by the newly founded Court that it would be used as a boarding school for students, ages 13 to 21.   The students are taught the basics of their magical profession of choice, however, most of the people going to Breckskeep are expected to graduate as Mages. The profession that fight the creatures from the The Astral Planes and are expected to keep the entire world safe.
Aah! I can't decide which guild to join next year! ...I don't know which kind of magic I want to do. I will have to do a scrying.
— A 1st year student
The Guilds were created to protect the people fighting against the attacks from the other world. The Leaders of the guilds are also a part of the Court.  


The Guilds are like "unions" for the groups practicing the 6 types of magic. Each guild is responsible for helping the members practicing their type of magic.  
  • The Key takes care of the wizards.
  • The Skull takes care of the necromancers.
  • The Harp takes care of the bards.
  • The Hand takes care of the warlocks.
  • The Pentagram takes care of the witches.
  • The Eye takes care of the druids.

    The Guild Logos

    Yeah...they might've been our fault anyway.
    There are several different kinds of types....though they are hard to categorize.  


    The Astral planes is an existence outside the realm of reality. From the Astral planes creatures collectively called Demons open up rifts in reality and attack. Most demons who enter Breck’s Haven do not have a physical form, they consist entirely of astral aether. However, they can gain a physical body by possessing a flame keeper or create their own physical body by consuming the flames of the keepers. They can also create their own semi-physical bodies by laying low and collecting essence.   The Demons can not enter the real Earth any other way than through Breck's Haven, but the walls between Breck’s Haven and the Astral Planes are just as thin as those between Breck's Haven and Earth.   Together with the demons entering the Haven another source of magic became available. A magic with other costs.
    OMG! that meeting was too~ long.
    — A young Court member


    The Court is the ruling governmental body in Haven.   Long ago Breck used to be the ruler of the Court. In the beginning, the court members sat in their Court seats for life, giving their children their spot when they died.   But before Breck's death, he suddenly changed it. After Breck's death Court members sit for 4 years and are voted into their positions by the citizens of Haven. Not counting the Guild leaders who are a part of the Court by the status of their position, the Court consists of 36 members.   Now nobody rules alone.   In the Court every chosen member has a say and that chosen member is ruled by the people that support them.   The members of the court are people chosen by the people from all parts of Haven. The minimal requirement to get a seat in the Court is that they have finished their education in political science from either Breckskeep or a school from the outside and have a degree.  
    The pool is small but very deep.
    — A werewolf


    Only humans exist here. But there are several conditions that humans can be born with or contract during their lifetime. Some live in Haven while others choose to live in the outside world of Earth.  


    There will be several different novel and novella stories taking place in this world. Maybe even a PC or tabletop game in the future.    


    A series of novels that takes place at this school. The three adult 'main characters' will eventually end up in a triad poly relationship.   (urban) Fantasy, slice of life, romance (LGBTQ+), mystery, and a small side dish of adventure.  


    A CYOA standalone novella series following a character from each of the six Guilds.   (urban) Fantasy, Mystery, romance (LGBTQ+), action, and adventure.    
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