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Builder of worlds, Spinner of fates, Creator of a thousand adventures.
Welcome! We, the Anvil of Worlds, salute you!

We are here to provide you with the tools you'll need to bring your game to a
whole new level, and make the lives of your players more dangerous better!

World Anvil is the ULTIMATE RPG Campaign Manager and Homebrew world building toolset

... and with it you can...


Build the complete, living world behind your tabletop RPG games. Create your lore, NPCs, locations, monsters and adventures.


Showcase your world in all its glory and let your players explore and discover the hidden wonders you choose to share.


Keep your notes and ideas safe - in years to come you'll be able to search through and remember them like you wrote them yesterday.


Work by yourself or get your players to help you, expand your lore and their backstories.


Create your campaign, invite your players, manage your sessions and have everything you've created in front of you in a single screen.


Join a community of over 350,000 worldbuilders and Dungeon Masters happy and willing to help you become the best tormentor Dungeon Master you can be!

"The best thing I've used since the invention of the twenty-sided dice!"
- Satine Phoenix, Gilding Light

The Features



In World Anvil, you create a universe and you can run as many campaigns in it as you want! Keep track of every element - from histories to mysteries - and detail every aspect of your campaign.

World Anvil is completely customiseable, and perfect for SciFi, Fantasy and any other genre, and works with any system. Then weave your plots and intrigue your players!

Homebrew & Statblocks

Homebrew your statblocks for NPCs, monsters, spells, magical items and equipment and embed them in your lore and notes.

Give your players access to equipment and item blocks so they can use them in your game! Become a grandmaster and create sheets for your own RPG system - homebrew or original!

Run your Session

Have all your information at your fingertips during your game - PC, NPC and monster statblocks, plots and lore - so you can improvise with ease! Create NPCs and make notes on the fly, track your players' stats and share images with them in real time.



Write lore to detail and keep track of everything in your world! Choose from over 25 templates designed to inspire you with prompts that give depth to your lore! Embed your maps, and include images, music and sound effects, and even secrets and spoiler markers, for you and your players to enjoy

Choose one of our supported systems
- or -
Become a Grandmaster and create your own!

More systems are added weekly!

Design Interactive Maps

Maps are great, but you know what's really cool? Linking your worldbuilding directly to a map! Or even linking maps to other maps, going from your world map all the way down to the rooms of the dungeon your party is crawling.

The maps feature will inspire you during the worldbuilding process, allowing you to quickly create articles you can flesh out later. Then, your players can explore your world in an interactive way like never before!


Cross Reference

Worlds are interconnected, and the rigorous linking system in World Anvil helps you reflect that! You can

  • Link in articles you've already written
  • Create links for articles you've not yet created (these are added to the to do list!)
  • Create an article on the fly whilst writing another article and then link it in

You can capture all your ideas, and you'll never lose track of your flashes of inspiration again!

Put your history in order

Keep track of everything that's happened in your world with Timelines! Use parallel timelines to track events in your party's history or for a character. Separate your timelines into eras and use a variety of specialized timeline features to display your events the way you want.

Search & Find

When you're writing in flow or mid-game session, you need your information at your fingertips.

World Anvil allows you to search and find everything in your world quicker than ever!

Search your whole world by typing 3 letters in any search bar. Mark your articles with tags to find them even more easily!

Saleh'Alire by yeslittlehummingbird


Organization is beautiful! Keep your worldbuilding organized with nested categories - and nest articles under articles - and create a stunning table of contents for your world!

Display the most important categories on your world's main page with book-style covers, to help your readers dive into your world.


Control Access

The ULTIMATE POWER - control which player can see parts of your lore, secrets and the layers of your maps!

Track your tasks

What to write next? The TODO list tracks all your articles yet to be written. You'll feel great when you tick them off!

Count your words

Get inspired by your own productivity with our Word Count bar! Set your own targets and smash them!

Take Notes

Use the mobile-friendly, OneNote-style notebook when inspiration hits on the go!

Embed Audio/Video

Set the mood with soundtracks, immerse readers with sound effects, and narrate your articles, chapters and short stories!

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