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Newest Articles

“Voice of Wisdom” (Ep 24 Downtime)

Cyl reaches out to her mother for guidance

Carson Jones

One of the main characters of the story, Carson is the healer of Project Seafire and one of the kindest people you will ever meet. He is compassionate, empathetic, bright, bubbly, and energetic. He's scared of confrontation and hides negative emotions.

Russian Civil War

The war for the future of Russia.


Dark, mysterious reaches.

Madelyn Woods

This kind-hearted mother loved the world but was stolen from life because of the same.

Angel Diaz

Our protagonist, Angel Diaz, is the leader of Project Seafire. Calm, logical, and confident; they hold a room easily and are great at leading others. Determined to create a better, safer world, they are ready to do what it takes to make a difference.

Rose Woods

The forgotten child.


Perhaps the place where dreams are born and die.

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Allies & Partners in Crime

Dungeon Fog