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Dear Reader

Additional Facts and Other Information on Playing the Game

Chapter 5 - Splendor to the Eye

The Fifth session of the Treasure of Ages, meeting a Beholder and uncovering the truth behind their mission!


A community consisting of Lost Scavengers: one that has existed for as long as there has been Lost Levels. It is one that is seen with hostility by the Craesto Authority and believed to be an insurgency element; a belief that is not entirely in the wrong.


The unofficial leaders of the L.S.C, the opinions of these experienced Lost Scavengers carries more weight than others. The Authority views them as major Insurgency elements that needs to be disposed of.

Never lose another world again!

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Leuchtende Steine aus Ivellion, die verzaubert werden können.

Summer Camp Homework #1

Summer Camp is coming, and a world will be built...

Aurelian Vanguard

In a land without armies, the Vanguard steps forth.

Alan the Adventurer

Dwarf of Endamian origin who wrote a book on Earth.

Jug of Getranus

A relic of the god Getranus stored in the Temple of the Golden Arms in Sha-din-ko.


Amphibious humanoids with resemblances to frogs and fish


The first free city of Aurelia.

Never lose another world again!

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