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The Ruins of Laevelor

The last known repository of information about Lathai’s dead god of creation

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Tower of Okello

Home of the mage-tinkers, situated deep in the Orubian rainforest.

The Ruins of Laevelor

The last known repository of information about Lathai’s dead god of creation

Ettinia Steelsun

Ettinia is one of the few people of her world with the power over ice and snow, and the ability to give it life.

The Dreadspire

While Castle Ravencrest and the lighthouse atop Widow’s Point stand as noted landmarks in the city of Seahaven, one other edifice towers over the urban sprawl; yet is only mentioned in hushed whispers.

Dimmis Isannsen

Skilled Runeslate Crafter and honorary Chauken.

Dimitris Valereon

Dimitris Valereon is a man who stands apart from a company of scoundrels and exists as a beacon of hope amidst the tides of darkness.

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Deities of the Great Guardians

The gods and goddesses of all worlds.

List of Vehicles (Genesys)

Vehicles and their modifications unique to the Genesys Tabletop Roleplaying game.

Sanret D'Goeva

The son of Duke D'Goeva, Sanret is famed in history as a womanizing playboy with little regard for administration.

Iolana Dumitrescu

Vampyrin und Anführerin des Dumitrescu Klans

Vayne Seleya

Vayne is a saydarim in charge of the Vogh Darek coven and was the one who lured the Khamadian nobility into occultism, thus being the direct cause of the resurgence of Shadebeasts on Celenia.

The Crimson Singer

A ghost ship, whose crew signal their arrival with a singing choir and the music from a music box.


The Humans of Dagorland


The Humans of Rumarsh

Demon Forest Song

The language known only to the Demon Forest.

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Allies & Partners in Crime

Dungeon Fog