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The Eight Lands, bound together by magic and mystery, are vast and travelling throughout all of them is a task for a lifetime. This realm is rife with excitement and intrigue, for those willing to find it.   Men and women with a sharp eye and a swift hand might find themselves in deep with the largest criminal organization in the realm, known simply as the Guild, whereas others who are quick with a blade and can hold their own might find themselves in the employ of a noble as their guard, or fighting for coin in arenas.   Far from a life of crime or fighting, the people of small towns and villages make use of their day to day lives farming, hunting, foraging and building. Some towns might hold mineshafts filled with precious metals and gems, others might just have a good source of clean water and food nearby.   Unbeknownst to all but the most observant of folk, the world is changing, and a series of events are starting to unfold, events that have been waiting for millennia to come to fruition.
Who will answer the call to adventure that Pronathea is emanating from its very core?


The Sunken Tides of Chaos

Dungeons & Dragons 5e