Lyra Age of "Flying" Sail

1521 IA

Created with love by Dimitris Havlidis & Janet Forbes

Lyra is a science fantasy world of flying ships, exploration and epic heroes in the Age of Sail. Delve into ancient temples and uncharted jungles, forge your own kingdom, protect the world from the emerging threats of the Evernight, or liberate the oppressed of the old Empire as a sky pirate!

In Lyra, your Will can be realised as supernatural powers like telepathy, super-strength or the ability to guide musket bullets with your mind. You can drive massive Dreadplate powered armour, or grow wings, scales and other astonishing mutations.

  MagipunkBiopunkFlintlockSuper HeroicScience FantasyFlying ShipsPiracyHorrorExplorationCity Building
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