Lyra Flying islands, ships, pirates & Dragons

Age of Exploration, Circa 3000

Lyra is a magical and fantastical world. One fateful day thousands of years ago, a cataclysmic event changed its shape for ever. It was this catastrophe that brought the mighty planet-spanning civilisation of Lyra to its knees, rendering the accomplishments of hundreds of years to rubble and most of the races calling Lyra home extinct.   ... Now, the old continents are islands flying over a planet-wide ocean. Lyra is a world almost entirely covered by water. The islands of Lyra actually float in three separate heights - known as the Planes of Lyra.   Our story unfolds almost three millennia after this cataclysm. The descendants of the survivors now live in air-locked islands travelling around over the ocean. Dragons soar the skies and brave knights are called to defend the innocent. Terrors from the deep scale the floating islands, raiding and slaughtering. And now, for the first time, flying sailing ships edge their bold prows into the air and take to the skies.   Lyra is in an age of exploration. Mysterious ruins of a past world wait to be explored, and there'll be epic battles both on land and in sky for the power to control the past, and to shape the future...
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