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Lyra Discussion Boards


Mon, Oct 11th 2021 04:59
Topics regarding the development of the World of Lyra


Announcements and news about the development of Lyra

Development Blog

Mon, Oct 11th 2021 04:59
Lyra Discussion Boards

Lore Talk

Mon, Oct 11th 2021 05:10
Discussions regarding the Lore of Lyra


Mon, Oct 11th 2021 05:14
Lore discussions regarding the newly discovered continent of of Nyria and its Archipelago

The warm North and Freezing South

Mon, Oct 11th 2021 05:16
Discussions regarding Aspiria, the Frozen Gate and the Zetur Sands


Mon, Oct 11th 2021 05:15
The Crumbling Empire and its warring Duchies

Viliria & Azun

Mon, Oct 11th 2021 05:18
Discussions about the far western continents of Viliria, homeland of the Vulpe and the Volcanic desolate planes of Azun.


Mon, Oct 11th 2021 05:11
Ask any question you might have about the Lore of Lyra
Lyra Discussion Boards


Mon, Oct 11th 2021 05:06
Information and announcements for upcoming play testing events and feedback

Past Events

Tue, Oct 12th 2021 04:40
Archive of Past playtesting events

Upcoming Events

Mon, Oct 11th 2021 05:08
Announcements and RSVP for upcoming Playtesting events

Playtest Feedback

Discussion and Feedback from players taking part on the testing sessions
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