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Also known as the pilgrims of the South Star Prince is the most common dogma of religious Deamkin in Aspiria and north Nyria.

Asterism is a philosophy revolving around the teachings of Aster, The South Prince (a.k.a Prince Aster, The Frozen Prince, The Light). Aster was a Deamkin that lived over 2000 years ago and guided the Deamkin of Aspiria into completely new way of thinking that focused on love for each other and the tenet that helping each other inside a community and those who need help outside of the community is sacred.

Articles of Faith

In the strict sense, in Asterism, unlike Helianism and Lyraism, there are no fixed universally binding articles of faith, due to their incorporation into the liturgy. Scholars throughout Deamkin history have proposed numerous formulations of Asterism core tenets, all of which have met with criticism. The most popular formulation is Milidor's thirteen principles of faith, developed in the 5th century. According to Milidor, any pilgrim who rejects even one of these principles would be considered an apostate and a heretic. Asterism scholars have held points of view diverging in various ways from Milidors' principles. Thus, within Reformed Asterism only the first five principles are endorsed.

The Light of Aster deep in the Evernight as described by returned pilgrims

The 5 Principles of Asterism

- The Prince is the candle light that holds the dark away

  • His name is Aster, the south Star, bullwark against the darkness, protector of those who walk the night.
  • The Prince's gaze touch all, his light can see, and his light lives in the heart of all that uphold the faith as pilgrims
  • The Prince hears our prayers and our faith becomes the shield against the darkness.
  • The Prince is one of many, but the Prince has entered in secret covenant with us, the pilgrims of the dark, to uphold and defend as long as pray unto him.
  • History

    In Milidor' time, his list of tenets was criticized by Ashradun and Aldier. Aldierand the Ashradun argued that Milidor' principles contained too many items that, while true, were not fundamentals of the faith.

    Along these lines, the ancient historian Jinehid emphasized practices and observances rather than religious beliefs, associating apostasy with a failure to observe Asterism law and maintaining that the requirements for conversion to Asterism included circumcision and adherence to traditional customs. Milidor' principles were largely ignored over the next few centuries. Later, two poetic restatements of these principles ("Aster inshen" and "Marilishan") became integrated into many Jewish liturgies leading to their eventual near-universal acceptance.


    Modern Asterism

    In modern times, Asterism lacks a centralized authority that would dictate an exact religious dogma. Because of this, many different variations on the basic beliefs are considered within the scope of Asterism. Even so, all Asterism religious movements are, to a greater or lesser extent, based on the principles of the Prince's Bible and various commentaries

    Establishing the core tenets of Asterism in the modern era is even more difficult, given the number and diversity of the contemporary pilgrim denominations.

    The Light of Aster

    The Light of Aster is an iceburg deep into the Evernight that shines for hundreds of miles within the deep darkness. The light emits from the hybernating body of Prince Aster who, for several hundreds of years meditates solve one of the hidden riddles of the world. Those who do the pilgrimage say that once close to the Light, you can speak to Aster, and the prince graciously answers their questions and blesses their path.


    The Pilgrimage

    The terrors spawning in the Glacial Sea deep into the Evernight

    Pilgrimages to the Evernight only the strongest of will return and are revered as chosens of the prince. The Pilgrimage from the shores to Aspiria to the depths of the Evernight to reach the iceburg that Asper hybernates into is a journey that only the bravest of Deamkin or other believers will try within their lives. The passage is treacherous and guarded by the mutated monstrocities of the Glacial Sea. Those lucky enough to reach Light are rewarded with an immense feeling of ease that lasts most of their lives and they remain connected and vessels of the word of Aster until their dying day.

    The sacred symbol of Asterism
    Commonly wore as a pendant by most believers.
    The Frozen Prince Aster
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