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  Greetings, fellow adventurer! I go by the name of Graylion, a seasoned gamer as both a player, gamemaster and storyteller with a journey that began back in 1986. My love affair with gaming began with Dungeon & Dragons, starting with the Basic or BECMI Edition, and I've had the pleasure of playing and running every edition released over the years. However, my story isn't limited to the confines of D&D, as I've embarked on quests into diverse systems and settings, expanding my horizons.

  For over a decade, I had relied on EpicWords for world-building, but the sands of time had worn it thin. Thus, I embarked on a quest to explore and test a dozen platforms, seeking a worthy successor. A pivotal moment in my personal growth came when I joined the remarkable World Anvil community in the midst of 2019.

  Now, let me confide in you my two greatest challenges on the current leg of my journey: time and tabletops. My world-building and gaming pursuits are cherished hobbies that I nurture amidst the demands of a long workweek, a workweek unrelated to world-building. Secondly, I am attempting to find my footing in the realm of digital tabletop gaming (VTTs) to connect with my fellow gamers.

  Here, within my Nexus World, you will discover the heart of my world-building projects, as well as the current games and platforms that have captured my curiosity. Join me as we explore uncharted territories and create tales that shall echo through the ages. Together, we shall forge our legends in the realms of imagination.


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