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721st Year of the Imperial Age

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The Tapestry of Creation

  The Tapestry of Creation was once whole and perfect at the dawn of all tales. Now the Shattered Worlds of mortals are separated from the Realms Beyond, fallen like a wounded star from the First War. Whispers of stories name the First War as Angels against Fiends, Gods against Primordials, Gods against Dragons or Light against the Dark. Regardless of the exact sides and battle, all agree that it was a war that started before recorded time and shaped the state of reality as most know it today.
  Most mortals view their Shattered World simply as the world, with little knowledge beyond. The Celestial Realms seek a harsh and righteous return to what was. The Lower Realms, dark and insidious continue weaving plans within plans. Ancient powers begin to wake from their slumber. Mortals with their prize spark of soul and fire are at the eye of the storm. The Shattered Worlds are a battleground of conflict pulled between supernatural forces unseen and out of reach.

It is the 721st Year of the Imperial Age, the name of the place is Ptolus City.
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