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Lexicon - Vampire the Requiem


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Vampire Lexicon A

alleycat (vulgar)a vampire who keeps no permanent haven, but sleeps in a different location each night. This term also refers to a vampire who feeds exclusively from the homeless, vagrants, and other elements of low society. See footpad.
amaranththe act of consuming another Kindred’s blood. See diablerie.
(an • SILL • uh)
Kindred too old to be considered neonates, but not yet elders, whose Requiem has lasted roughly 50 to 150 years. The plural is ancillae (an • SILL • ae). Maybe 50-200 years.

Tag Search Ancilla Daeva Gangrel Mekhet Nosferatu Ventrue
ancientThe rare vampire who has existed for over a millennium.
antediluviana member of the dreaded third generation.

Tag Search Antediluvian Daeva Gangrel Mekhet Nosferatu Ventrue
(AY • vuss)
A character’s “grandfather” or patron in a bloodline from which she is not truly descended.

Vampire Lexicon B

barrensPortions of the city unfit for hunting. Typically, places people don’t go after dark, or which are monitored closely by the police.
The BeastThe rudimentary urges that drive vampires away from the Man that threaten to turn a vampire into a mindless, ravening monster.
the becomingthe moment one passes from being a fledgling into “full” vampire status as a neonate. One may not Become until their sire deems them ready and gains the Prince’s approval.
blister (vulgar)a vampire “Typhoid Mary” who contracts a mortal disease and spreads it to each vessel upon whom they feed.
blood bag (vulgar)a term many vampires use to refer to mortals, thinking of them only as food.
blood bondThe artificial love and loyalty spawned by feeding from the same vampire three times. Also known more formally as a Vinculum.
blood doll (vulgar)a mortal who freely gives their blood to a vampire. Most blood dolls gain a perverse satisfaction from the Kiss, and actively seek out vampires who will take their blood.
blood hunta punishment sentencing a vampire to final death at the fangs of their peers. See lex talionis.
blood leech (vulgar)A vampire who feeds upon the vitae of other Kindred, out of necessity or depravity.
bloodlineA group of vampires that splits off from a parent clan to form a distinct lineage of its own. Some bloodlines do not differ from the parent clan in significant ways, while others claim different powers or weaknesses.
blood sympathyThe mystic link between “related” vampires.
Book of Nighta collection of Vecna's legend and history of the Kindred.
butterfly (vulgar)one who mingles among the mortal high society elements and feeds exclusively from the famous and wealthy.

Vampire Lexicon C

the change (vulgar)the moment an individual ceases to be mortal and becomes one of the Kindred.
chassethe size and quality of a domain or hunting ground.
childe (CHILD)Kindred “offspring” through the Embrace - the childe is the progeny of their sire; also used to refer to particularly young neonates, or as a minor insult (akin to calling someone a “kid” in mortal circles). The plural is childer (CHILL • der).
Circle of DustA covenant of ritualistic Kindred who revere pagan gods, spirits, pantheons and/or progenitors. Circle of the Crone is known as the Circle of Dust for the Shadow War campaign.
clana group of vampires who share common characteristics passed on through the Blood. See Daeva, Gangrel, Mekhet, Nosferatu and Ventrue.
Coils of the DragonA mystic way of learning that allows vampires to avoid or exploit aspects of their curse, as practiced by the Ordo Dracul.
consanguineousliterally “of the same blood,” generally denotes lineage. A brother or sister in blood.
coteriea small group of Kindred, united by the need for support and sometimes common interests.
covenantA faction of Kindred who share certain political or theological beliefs. Some covenants are spread across the world, but they tend to have independent leadership and local variations from domain to domain.

Tag Search Circle of Dust Invictus Order of the Dragon Templars Veiled
(KREW • ack)
The bloody, witchcraft-like magic practiced by the Circle of Dust (Circle of the Crone).

Vampire Lexicon D

(DAY • vuh)
A clan of vampires known for being emotional, physically powerful, and desirable.
The Danse MacabreThe interweaving Requiems of all vampires. Often used to describe the web of politics and conflict that those Requiems create.
(dee • AHB • ler • ee)
Kindred “cannibalism”; draining another vampire of not only his blood but his soul, to the point of the victim’s final death. Sometimes called Amaranth. the consumption of another Kindred’s Blood,
DisciplinesThe preternatural abilities and edges the Kindred possess, allowing them to vanish, turn into animals, and perform myriad other inhuman feats.
domainthe area of a particular vampire’s influence. Princes claim entire cities as their domains, sometimes allowing lesser vampires to claim domain within.
donor (vulgar)a sarcastic term for vessel, typically human.
draugrA vampire who has lost touch with humanity, becoming either a mindless beast or a completely uncaring predator. Also known as a wight.

Vampire Lexicon E

elderA vampire who has survived for over 150 years; also a term of respect. (maybe 200+).

Tag Search Elder Daeva Gangrel Mekhet Nosferatu Ventrue
(ell • ISS • ee • um)
A location used for Kindred gatherings and declared a neutral, “no violence” sanctuary by the authorities of a domain.
The EmbraceThe act of turning a mortal into a vampire.

Vampire Lexicon F

farmer (vulgar)a mocking term for a vampire who refuses to feed on human blood, instead taking sustenance from animals.
Final DeathA Kindred’s real, true, ultimate death; when her Requiem ceases and she never again rises as a vampire. Also known as the True Death.
fledglingneonate; a newly created vampire under his sire’s protection.
footpadone who feeds by assaulting derelicts and others unwanted by society. See alleycat.
frenzyA berserk state in which the Beast takes total control over a vampire. Rage, fear and hunger can induce frenzies; when precision is needed, the term is qualified by cause (rage frenzy, fear frenzy or hunger frenzy). Unqualified, the term generally indicates rage frenzy.

Vampire Lexicon G

(GANG • grell)
A clan of vampires known for being primal, hardy, and savage.
generationthe number of “steps” between a vampire and Vecna; how far descended from the First a given vampire is.
ghoul (vulgar)A slang term for Trusted, see below.
golcondaa mythical state of balance between the Beast and the soul, achieved by a vampire making peace with herself.

Vampire Lexicon H

havenA vampire’s residence; where one finds sanctuary from the sun.
head (vulgar)a Kindred who feeds upon those who have imbibed alcohol or drugs, so as to vicariously experience the same sensations. Those Kindred who prefer individual drugs have their “poison” prefixed to the term head (e.g. meth head, dope head, smack head). See lush.
herdA collection of mortals from whom a vampire feeds regularly.
humanitythe extent to which a Kindred still maintains her connection, memory and simulation of a mortal life.
the hungerthe urge to feed. For vampires, the Hunger replaces all other drives with its own powerful call.
huntera mortal who hunts down and destroys vampires and other supernatural beings.

Vampire Lexicon I

(in • VICK • tuss)
A covenant of vampires who are determined to protect the Masquerade, while at the same time enjoying their Requiems as the elite among the dead.

Vampire Lexicon J

juicebag or juice box (vulgar)a contemptuous term for mortals, indicating that their sole use is for sustenance.

Vampire Lexicon K

KindredThe term by which vampires refer to themselves and their race.
kineA term for mortals; the phrase “Kindred and kine” refers to everyone.
KissThe act of biting and taking blood from a mortal, as well as the pleasure it provides both participants. The Kiss is a subtle method of feeding without drawing attention.

Vampire Lexicon L

lex talionisthe code of the Kindred and the system for punishing transgression as handed down in the Book of Night; the law of retaliation which is behind the blood hunt. an eye for an eye and punishment in keeping with the grievance.
the lifea euphemism for mortal blood. Many Kindred regard this term as affected and effete.
lineagethe family line of a vampire tracing back sire to sire.

Tag Search Daeva Gangrel Mekhet Nosferatu Ventrue
lorda vampire ruler of a domain
lupinea werewolf Plural: lupines.
lusha vampire who typically feeds from drugged or drunk mortals in order to experience their inebriation.

Vampire Lexicon M

MakerSee sire.
MalkaviaA very rare mystical disease, unique to vampires. Any suck reports and record of Malkavia has never manifested the same twice.
MalkavianA vampire afflicted with Malkavia.
Man, theThe vampire’s human impulses and self-control. Used to compliment or contrast the Beast.
maskthe mortal cover identity a Kindred needs to maintain to remain hidden among their prey.
The Masqueradethe habit (or Tradition) of hiding the existence of vampires from humanity. Designed to protect vampires from destruction at the hands of mankind.
(MEK • et)
A clan of vampires known for being quick, discreet, and wise.
mortalAn ordinary human. Although Kindred are, to varying degrees, aware of other monsters in the World of Darkness, they frequently use “mortal” to describe everyone who’s not one of them.

Vampire Lexicon N

(NEE • oh • nate)
A young vampire, engaged in his Requiem for less than 50 years.
(noss • fur • AH • too)
A vampire clan known for being stealthy, strong and terrifying.

Vampire Lexicon O

Ordo Dracul
(OR • dough drah • KOOL)
A covenant of vampires known for its mystic studies and desire to transcend the vampiric curse. Known the Order of the Dragon for the Shadow War campaign.

Vampire Lexicon P

perversionThe act of two Kindred drinking each other’s blood.
poacherOne who feeds in another Kindred’s territory without permission.
portillonthe security and level of protection in a domain or hunting ground.
praxisthe right of Princes to govern; the Prince’s claim to domain. This term also refers to the Prince’s matters of policy and individual edicts and motions.
princea vampire as a traditional city ruler, claiming sovereignty over the Traditions, who has claimed a given expanse of domain as their own, generally a city, and supports that claim against all others. The term is gender neutral. sometimes called Barons.
progenyall of a given vampire’s childer collectively.

Vampire Lexicon Q


Vampire Lexicon R

The RackThe best parts of the city in which to hunt, including clubs and other loud, crowded areas.
regnantThe Kindred who holds regency over a thrall; the dominant member of a Vinculum.
RequiemThe Kindred condition; the whole miserable, cursed song of a vampire’s unlife, whether singularly or metaphorically.
retainera human who serves a vampiric master. Kindred rarely go without at least a few of these mortals, both for convenience and protection.
revenantA vampire “born” from a spontaneous Embrace. Usually a victim of a vampire who, for unknown reasons, rises after death. See wight.

Vampire Lexicon S

sandman (vulgar)a vampire who feeds only upon sleeping victims.
sireA vampiric “parent,” one who has Embraced a childe; alternatively, a verb, meaning “to Embrace.” Also know as a maker.
sirena vampire who seduces mortals in order to drink from them, and then only takes a small quantity of blood, so as to avoid killing them.
slumming (vulgar)the practice of feeding from derelicts, the homeless, and other dregs of society; one who does this regularly is known as a slummer.

Vampire Lexicon T

TemplarA covenant of vampires who honor the Vecna's book of Night with religious fervor. The Lancea et Sanctum (LAN • kay • uh ET SANK • toom) is known as the Templars for the Shadow War campaign.
Theban Sorcery
(THEE • ben)
A mysterious form of blood magic practiced primarily by members of the. The Lancea et Sanctum (LAN • kay • uh ET SANK • toom) is known as the Templars for the Shadow War campaign.
thrallOne who is bound to a regnant; the member of a Vinculum who feels artificial devotion to another.
torporA death-like sleep into which Kindred fall if they are injured severely or starved for too long. Kindred can also enter torpor willingly to escape the world for a time.
TraditionsThe rules handed down by Vecna through the Book of Night.
TrustedA mortal intrusted with Vampire Vitae granting a small portion of Kindred power. Trusted act in a variety of roles for their Kindred masters.

Vampire Lexicon U

unalignedA vampire who claims membership in no covenant. Also known as an unbound or independent Kindred.
unboundA vampire who remains outside the larger Kindred society of a given city, either by ignorance or choice.

Vampire Lexicon V

The VeiledA group of vampiric idealists, who believe in reconciling the Requiem with the political ideas of modern mortals. The Carthian Movement (KAR • thee • enn movement) is know as the Veiled for the Shadow War campaign.
Veiled LawThe strange ability of the Veiled to back up Kindred law with mystic force. The Carthian Movement (KAR • thee • enn movement) is know as the Veiled for the Shadow War campaign.
(VENN • true)
A clan of vampires known for being regal, commanding, and aristocratic.
vesselAny source of blood for the Kindred to feed on; usually but not always used to refer to a mortal.
(VIE • tay)
The sacred and supernatural blood of Vecna, which flows through the blood of a vampires.

Vampire Lexicon W

wighta vampire devoid of humanity and lost to the Beast, slave to the will of the Blood. See Draugr.
witch-huntera mortal who hunts down and destroys vampires and other supernatural beings.

Vampire Lexicon X


Vampire Lexicon Y


Vampire Lexicon Z


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