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Custom Themes

Having created nearly 50 custom themes as of August, 2020, I am offering my services to help you achieve the perfect WorldAnvil Theme for your setting. Below I detail the various price points you can expect and the length of time it might take me for each step. Because of the growing complexity of WorldAnvil, the length and price of my Custom Themes will likely grow.

These prices will likely see changes when the inevitable Chronos Update drops.


To request a custom theme, please just contact me on Discord. You can either click the link found on the left-hand sidebar to join Ravare's personal Discord or you can just simply private message me at [Oneriwien#8825].
Recoloring a Public Theme 10 USD
Basic Color Blocking 10 USD
Background Image 10 USD
Theme Plotting (Shapes, Colors, & Fonts) 20 USD
Advanced Coloring (Variables) 10 USD
Timelines 10 USD
Tooltips 10 USD
Maps 10 USD
Article Blocks + Book Categories 10 USD
Custom Sidebar 20 USD
Custom Containers (Max 4) 20 USD
Organization Assistance 20 USD
Advanced Customization (Animations, on-hover affects, transitions) 20 USD
Low End Package (3-4 Days)

30 USD
High End Package (5-6 days)

100 USD
Complete Package (7-8 days)

180 USD

Showcase of Previous Themes

Cover image: by Damion Otter


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