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Introduction to Erenel

The Era of the Architect is dead. Left without its creator, Erenel lies vulnerable to cosmic and internal threats. The Null stir in the Nothingness, seeking to spread their otherworldly ichor while the Fallen Elf consolidates power in the hells of The Below.   Yet, hope remains.   Gods born of Aymara the Foremother now contend for influence, searching for kindred souls to help them return to their physical form and fulfill their Yearning. To do so, they must recover enough vitality and meld into their divine remains, zombified demigod husks hidden across a broken universe.

What Should You Know About Erenel

Illuminated Church

The Illuminated Church is arguably the most influential organization and religion in Erenel. Members of the church worship the deities born of the foremother, now known as the deities of light, equally as a family. As a collective, the deities of light represent all that is holy and good while seeking to protect their faithful from the abominations that would bring harm.   The three deities of light seek to further their own ends and grow stronger with worship. As determined by their Yearning, gods and demigods grow more influential through worship. Only after amassing enough influence can a deity fulfill their Yearning and replace Al’Madoon as Architect. This often brings deities into conflict, except the deities of light, who, besides petty squabbles, are unified behind the principles of light.

Tethering and the Bond

By sacrificing his celestial body, Al'Madoon's life force fell upon Erenel, "bonding" with the world the Architect fought to protect. The Bond, Erenel's magical font of power, now resides in every creature, river, stone, and the sky itself. This raw magic can be felt and accessed by inhabitants with a natural talent or those who have relentlessly trained in infiltrating it.   Tethering is how raw magic is accessed and used by spellcasters. When a spellcaster tethers to the Bond, they essentially share the Bond that has entwined with the world, reaching into the remnants of Al'Madoon's being. While tethered, a spellcaster will manipulate the very fabric of the Bond for their desired outcome.

The Story of Creation

Story of Creation
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The Great Sacrifice

As Vyse Tyranal assaulted Al’Madoon above the Tree of Aymara, the Architect understood what had to be done in order to cleanse the corruption and spare his beloved Erenel. In a bright flash of light, Al’Madoon sacrificed his celestial body exploding into an apotheosis of divine light. Vyse and the Tree of Aymara took the full force of Al’Madoon’s sacrifice but no part of the universe would be left unscathed. The force of the blast shattered the timeline, freezing all non-deities in a time-lapse that would last for eons.   The celestial explosion tore at the fabric of the universe, ripping open three new planes while simultaneously tearing the life essence out of Asanna, Luniwyn and Rezmir, causing the three young gods to leave their physical bodies behind.   The Above, formed from the love of Al’Madoon and his self-sacrifice. For choosing light over darkness, Rezmir would ascend to the Above, welcoming the kind-hearted and those who embraced the light. With the help of Thayriel the Stag, Rezmir successfully recovered a branch from the damaged Tree of Aymara, planting the remains close to his acquired domain. This branchling grew and began to bear fruit, as its mother Aymara did before it, forming angels and seraphim as the fruit ripened. The Below formed from the hate and greed festering within Vyse. Vyse fell into the Below from Al’Madoon’s sacrifice, finding himself surrounded by a plane of shadow and despair. Many Elves, witnessing their master fall, cursed Al’Madoon and followed Vyse as he descended. A deep hatred for Al’Madoon and his children consumed Vyse. Disgusted by his failure, he began to manipulate those loyal to him, transforming their flesh into horrific variations. Over time, these Elves became the first demons and devils, their minds broken by suffering.   The Trance formed from the remnants of Al’Madoon’s subconscious. Without a celestial body to inhabit, Al’Madoon’s mind wanders forever dreaming in the Trance, a magical plane of beauty, grace, and peril. The Trance partially covers the Above, the Below, and Erenel, slightly taking on the characteristics where they meet. As Al’Madoon dreams, occasionally, a new species forms from the Architects subconscious in an exciting turn of events. Unfortunately, the creation is not always of sound mind and spirit.
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