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Interests & Hobbies

I'm big time into Dungeons and Dragons (it's the main reason I use WorldAnvil and how I discovered my creative side), as well as video games, weight lifting, and Warhammer/miniatures in general.

Favorite Movies

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Interstellar, La La Land, and at the very top: the Kung Fu Panda trilogy.

Favorite TV Series

Breaking Bad for live action. Animation is between Adventure Time, Arcane, and Avatar: the Last Airbender. Short-form series favorites are definitely Midnight Gospel and Over the Garden Wall.

Favorite Books

The entire New Jedi Order series, as well as Legacy of the Force. RIP Star Wars EU. Also, Inheritance Cycle is very, very good.

Favorite Games

Christopher Paolini, Dean Koontz, and Timothy Zahn.


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