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Emaxus The World Twice-Broken

Theodred 2, Cael, 899 AT

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This world is created and written with both myself as a DM and other DMs in mind. If you wish to set your campaign in any part of this world, feel free! My goal is to write it as though it is a campaign setting, both for my own love for worldbuilding and immersive DMing style, and for any friends, family, or even total strangers who desire a campaign in my world. I would love nothing more than to know my work helped other people, so please, let me know if it works and how it goes. Compliments and criticisms are welcome!
The history of Emaxus is a bloody one. It has known countless cataclysms over the course of eons. Of these, two are the most important. First, the Obsidian War: millennia ago, Vivrah, the Obsidian King, set upon Emaxus with His divine fury. A group of heroes known as the Silver Dawn stopped Him, slaying the Obsidian King. But Emaxus was wiped clean in the devastation of the war, and a great period of change began.
The Silver Dawn, slain in their battle with Vivrah, coalesced into Yamma, the first new god of Emaxus. Looking over the world with sorrow, he created gods to aid him in restoring order to the lands and seas. These gods, the Children of Yamma, represented various physical, spiritual, and metaphysical domains of the world and sought to restore Emaxus to glory. In an event known as the Reshaping, the Children of Yamma set upon the devastated world and healed the lands, calmed the seas, and battled the countless primordial titans, elder evils, and other enemies that had arisen in the chaos.
And then they discovered the Obsidian Lords. Only nascent god-spirits at the time, the Obsidian Lords were gods born from the divine corpse of Vivrah, gods representing various facets of His personality and goals, such as tyranny, annihilation, and primordial chaos. So, the Children imprisoned the nascent gods in extradimensional planes, and the Age of Rebirth began.
Millennia passed as mortal empires and civilizations began, flourished, and fell in a cycle of ever-growing power. The greatest heights of wealth, power, and knowledge ever seen were achieved during the Age of Rebirth. But the brightest lights cast the darkest shadows.
The Obsidian Lords grew in their prisons, developing into full-fledged gods over the millennia of the Age of Rebirth. They fed on the greed and avarice that developed in the great mortal kingdoms, and at last grew strong enough to break from their bonds. And they did, erupting upon Emaxus seeking vengeance and devastation for a crime committed at their birth.
The Children of Yamma descended, and the great god-wars began. The Age of Rebirth came to a cataclysmic end in an event known as the Reckoning. The world was returned to ash, and in the world after, the gods were dead. Entire continents, ruined. Civilizations torn asunder. Few mortals survived, clinging to life in a handful of cities and hovels across Emaxus.
And so began the Age of Extant. 900 years have passed since the gods died and Emaxus wept, and mortals must forge their own paths. Villains and heroes rise, and history is made every day. In Emaxus, where (and how) will you change the world?

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To navigate this WorldAnvil and uncover Emaxus' lore, start with Welcome to Emaxus. Then, there's three main categories below: World Primers, TTRPG, and Worldbuilding. World Primers is where you can find the big things: the Pantheon, the magic system, etc. TTRPG is where you can find all the TTRPG-compatible (or even designed for TTRPG) lore and mechanics, like player races and the like. Worldbuilding is where you can find all the general worldbuilding and lore (like metaphysics and languages) that is not necessarily incompatible with TTRPGs, but also not designed with them in mind. Go where you like and see what you want!