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Before you read this, understand that a lot of inspiration and material is drawn from a bunch of sources, chiefly Exandria, Matt Mercer's world, and adapted or changed to fit this setting. Full credits and thanks to that wonderful man for the amazing things he does and creates, and I only hope the things I create myself in this world can stay up to snuff with his work.   Also, this world is created and written with both myself as a DM and other DMs in mind. If you wish to set your campaign in any part of this world, feel free! My goal is to write it as though it is a campaign setting, both for my own love for worldbuilding and immersive DMing style, and for any friends, family, or even total strangers who desire a campaign in my world! I would love nothing more than to know my work helped other people, so please, let me know if it works and how it goes! Compliments and criticisms are welcome!
  Emaxus is a world twice-broken. First in the utter annihilation of the Obsidian War, when the greatest power ever known in the multiverse, Vivrah, the Obsidian King, set upon the world with divine fury. He was stopped and slain by a group of heroes who, though their names are lost to history, shall forever be legendary: the Silver Dawn. Their group essence would coalesce into the first god of the new Emaxian pantheon, who chose to go by the same moniker, and after the Obsidian King's defeat, the gods of today sprung forth from his divine essence. And as they turned to Emaxus, their new world, they saw only heart-breaking devastation.   In the destruction of the Obsidian War, the world had effectively been wiped clean, and chaos had taken root. Great primordial titans marched across the broken surface, and elder evils of untold destructive minds were taking hold. So, the gods set upon Emaxus, and in an event now known as the Reshaping, restored order to the world. They reseeded the world with races of their creation, bringing forth the mortal races of Emaxus, and granted them the gifts and tools they would need to bring peace to their home. And so, the gods imparted upon mortals the knowledge of arcane and divine magics. With these tools, the gods and mortals felled the primordials, sealed the Elder Evils, and brought order once more to the world.   So began the Age of Rebirth. The gods ushered forth their children, and civilization began anew. Upon the blank slate that was Emaxus, great progress was made. Mortalkind ascended to new heights, heights unseen before and not seen since. But in their power, mortals grew arrogant. Wars broke out, conflict arose, and darkness sought to corrupt once more. And this progress and power was brought to an end in a terrible war between gods: the Calamity. The Betrayer Gods were unleashed from their prisons, seeking to spread their dark rule across Emaxus, and the Prime Deities descended to aid their creations. The flames of this terrible war threatened to consume Emaxus once more, before its climactic end saw the creation of the Divine Gate in an event known as the Divergence, which forever banished the gods from the world, limiting their influence dramatically and leaving mortals to carve their own fates.   Centuries have passed since the Calamity, and mortals are flourishing. Upon Emaxus rest four main continents: Iotura, from which all life sprung in central Emaxus, Tal'Dorei and Wildemount, connected by a sundered land bridge in the northeast, and Aitreas, a land marred by war and conflict in the southeast. Alongside these are the Isles of Aasveig, a large archipelago in the northwest, where demigods still walk the world.   The people of Emaxus are varied and tough, and their actions carve the fate of the very world. When gods take the backseat, what paths do mortals tread?

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Adventures in A New World

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A band of strangers, coming together in a new world.