Emaxus is currently undergoing a large entry into a new Age (and a large revision of the current Age). Consider this an active construction zone: things are moving around, getting changed, and the world's being reorganized. Apologies for the inconvenience!
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Emaxus The World Twice-Broken

Theodred 2, Cael, 399 AR

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Emaxus is a world of rebirth, magic, recovery, and discovery; with the gods' physical forms dead, the handful of mortals who survived their Reckoning have learned how to survive in their near-complete absence. Civilization reasserts itself over a world sundered by gods and men, but the shadows of the past are not banished so easily---and new evils are eager to rise among the ashes. Will you fight for hope and mortality, or will you scorn your fellow mortal and bring ruin? Will you pledge yourself to the dead gods, good or evil, for a trickle of their remaining Divinity; or will you spurn their names and even hunt their followers? Choose wisely, friend, for the powers arrayed in Emaxus are many and powerful.
This is the Age of Extant. 400 years have passed since the Reckoning---when the gods died and Emaxus wept---and mortals have clawed their way back from extinction. They must forge their own paths. Villains and heroes rise, and history is made every day. In Emaxus, where (and how) will you change the world?

The Pantheon

The gods of Emaxus are dead, but they are not gone. They continue to influence the world through their god-spirits: the spiritual manifestations of their lingering consciousnesses, through which they continue to influence reality, albeit in a fraction of how they could in the past. Will you pledge yourself to a dead god, Titan, or another entity entirely?
The Pantheon of Emaxus
Generic article | Nov 13, 2023

The People

The people of Emaxus have fought for centuries to recover from the plight of the Reckoning. Now, they forge new relationships with near-absent gods---or disregard them entirely---and make love, war, and peace in new Ages. Some people search desperately for what was lost, while others focus on forging new paths. What journey will you take?
Welcome to Emaxus
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The World

Emaxus itself bears many scars from the Reckoning. Emaxus's locations are just as varied as its denizens, and even more varied are the worlds and planes beyond Emaxus's reality! Travel from the volcanoes of Vokatha to the wilds of Aekkenata, or travel to Emaxus and bear witness to mortal struggles and victories. Which land (or plane) will you call home?
Yophas, the Eternal Design
Geographic Location | Nov 27, 2023

Navigating Emaxus

Welcome, friend. I hope you enjoy your time here. Emaxus is designed for you, dear reader, to navigate easily. The categories below hold exactly what their name implies, so have at them.   If you're new, I recommend starting with World Primers. It's where you can find the big things: the Pantheon, the in-world history, etc. Also, be sure to check The History of Emaxus Chronicle; that's as close to a comprehensive gazeteer as you'll find (especially as Emaxus transitions into a new Age)!   Beyond that, feel free to check out different locations or organizations, characters or items, literature or budding dreams. Go where you like and see what you want!  
WorldEmber 2023 Pledge: A New Age
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