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4001/5/2 AoD

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Emaxus is a broken world. Thousands of years ago, at the precipice of civilization, the greatest magic-wielding civilizations of the world waged war. The Abeya Empire, the ascended humans of the North, attempting to wipe away the Avurcuria, the Draenei and Orcs of the South. And when the war was at its peak, and the Abeya were nearly defeated, they created an end all, be all ritual: to pull an asteroid from orbit and into the planet. Armageddon was unleashed, but in their final hours, Avurcuria's greatest battlemages and sorcerers came together to bolster the world for impact. The asteroid tore the northern portion of the world asunder, splitting it open, but the combined rituals of the Avurcurian mages stabilized the rest of the world, holding the atmosphere and seas together.   But the stress of such magics, combined with the narrowly averted apocalypse, proved too much for the rest of the world. A nuclear-winteresque event occurred, and the areas that weren't wiped away in the blast slowly devolved. Civilizations were reduced to small cities and isolated settlements, and after a hundred years, the winter broke. For hundreds more, those settlements once again expanded, seeking to reclaim destinies lost, and lay claim to the treasures and powers within the ruins of old. And as they explored, dark forces worked. The near destruction of a world did not go unnoticed, and eldritch powers seeded themselves in bleak wastes and unexplored depths.   But now, four thousands years later, the world has all but recovered, as much as it can. Pieces of itself float in orbit, and magical radiation still exists in the more devastated areas, but life flourishes where it can. The draenei and orcs are no longer allied, and war has just broken out. Bloodshed and destruction await. Who will stop it?