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Ancient Magic

While the Bond currently intertwines all that is Erenel, three forms of magical power existed before the Great Sacrifice and continue to do so free of the Bond’s influence. Each source of influence below exists outside the Eight Schools of Magic and is thus free from Tetherbane.


Seen by many as Divinity before the light of the Above, Cosmic magic harnesses the unrelenting might of the stars. Created by Al’Madoon to push back the Null’s onslaught against Erenel, each star constellation has a purpose and is a beacon of energy for anyone who can harmonize with its light.   When a star flares and fades, remnants of its might falls back to Erenel. As these expired star-comets plunge, they leave a blue, purple, and white dust trail in their wake. After crashing and cooling, the shattered pieces of the star-comet harden, eventually forming into Ashard crystals, a fading power source created by Al’Madoon to shield Erenel from the unending void.


Considered one of the most nefarious magics known to Erenel, Hematurgy draws power from life essence found in the blood of living creatures. Some scholars would argue blood comes from the Architect's creations, and to defile it is blasphemous, while others believe Hematurgy magic is the only magic that is truly free, as it is tied to mortal life essence.   Macabre in nature, Hematurgy blood magic was first discovered by Evenneth the Scarlet Walker and seen as a means for Vyse Tyranal the Fallen Elf to defeat Al'Madoon. Following the Great Sacrifice, Hematurgy magic is often associated with the Fallen Elf and thus derogatory in nature.


Ancient languages which predate the Great Sacrifice exist amongst the hidden ruins of Erenel. None is more Ancient than Utterance, the spoken language of the Architects. Speaking in poetic fragments, an Architect can forge a vision into reality.   Axioms from the Utterance are carved into legendary weapons, armor, and implements of war, lending the written language’s might to the forged objects. These wondrous creations imbued with the Utterance now reside in the strongholds of two fabled races with tremendous skill in forging metals; the Dwarves and Minotaur.
Material Components
Material components are not needed when Tethering into the Bond except for in extreme circumstances such as attempting to restore a soul into someones body after death.   This is typically done by the spellcaster grounding his or herself with a gem pulled from the earth. The gem acts as a filter, otherwise tethering with such power may overwhelm the spell caster causing death.


by Dean Spencer

The Bond

By sacrificing his celestial body, Al'Madoon's life force fell upon Erenel, "bonding" with the world the Architect fought to protect. The Bond, Erenel's magical font of power, now resides in every creature, river, stone, and the sky itself. This raw magic can be felt and accessed by inhabitants with a natural talent or those who have relentlessly trained in infiltrating it.


The Bond is all forms of the eight schools of magic; the only difference is how inhabitants choose to access it. Spellcasters such as Clerics, Paladins and Warlocks reach into the Bond because their deity or patron has attuned their senses to "Tether." Whereas other spellcasters, such as Bards, Sorcerers and Wizards, have a gift for accessing the Bond or have learned to Tether through sheer practice and study.   Tethering is how raw magic is accessed and used by spellcasters. When a spellcaster tethers to the Bond, they essentially share the Bond that has entwined with the world, reaching into the remnants of Al'Madoon's being. While tethered, a spellcaster will manipulate the very fabric of the Bond for their desired outcome.

Eight Schools of Magic

  • Abjuration. Block, banish, and protect.
  • Conjuration. Produce objects and creatures out of thin air.
  • Divination. Grant knowledge and information.
  • Enchantment. Manipulate and beguile others.
  • Evocation. Unleash destructive raw elemental energy
  • Illusion. Befuddle the senses to make the impossible seem real.
  • Necromancy. Manipulate the ebb and flow of life and death.
  • Transmutation. Change the physical properties of objects and creatures.
  • From the greatest wizard writing codices in his tower, to an aging archpriest still trying to help his flock, Tetherbane comes for us all eventually. The only question is, how will you adapt when you can no longer Tether?
    — Royal College Archchancellor

    by Dean Spencer



    Tethering into the Bond has a real and immediate price. Following an inhabitant of Erenel's first tether into one of the Eight Schools of Magic, the Bond leaves a mystical residue onto the Tetherer's life essence. Over time, this residue forms into an ethereal aura surrounding the Tetherer. This ethereal aura is known across Erenel as Tetherbane.   Those skilled in seeing into the Ethereal plane can gaze upon their own and others' Tetherbane. In the beginning, a Tetherbane aura will appear vibrant and can take on a hue of green, red, or even silver, with color being unique to an individual. But for Veteran Tetherers or those exposed to enormous bursts of power, their Tetherbane aura will grow darker over time, taking on a twisted and tainted appearance. Unfortunately, there is no cure for Tetherbane.   As Tetherbane worsens, the effects can prove disastrous and even fatal. The Bond begins to backlash against the Tetherer, becoming chaotic and uncontrollable. A simple light spell could result in a random burst of magic, devastating the Tetherer and the city block. Because of these threats, those stricken with Tetherbane can be seen as outcasts, dangers to society and terrorists.
    by Dean Spencer
    To protect the growing civilization of the known world, a faction known as the Creed acts as independent law enforcement for Tetherers and magical entities. The organization’s general neutrality makes it a trusted body by most nations, and while they would rather eradicate all use of the Bond, they understand the importance of world politics.

    Magic Commonality

    Even with the threat of Tetherbane, the importance of magic is too enticing to ignore. At the forefront of passing along arcane knowledge to prepare the inhabitants of Erenel are various Colleges of Magic.   Colleges and universities are often a sense of pride for a nation, even if they are kept far from the public to safeguard against Tetherbane. Additionally, those born without talent will never learn the art of Tethering unless they can afford the enormous cost of attending. This discrepancy leads many smaller settlements to abandon the idea of magic or shun it as unnecessary stress compared to more significant and wealthier cities.   For those without the means who wish to learn, tutors, many of whom are often suspicious or challenging to find, do exist. A familiar tale speaks of older Tetherers who would not dare cast another spell, living their days secluded, teaching someone with promise or hiding from Creed Judges.   Regardless of its existence, due to its uncurable long-term effects, the Bond is a tool used sparingly in the fabrics of society. Yet, when traveling the world, delving into dungeons and facing dangerous threats, one must use the tools available for survival.


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