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Welcome to Erenel

Erenel is a campaign setting designed for playing Dungeons & Dragons 5E. Elements of many great fantasy settings and multiple role-playing systems serve as inspiration in the world. If you are a reader or lover of fantasy and role-playing games, you'll feel right at home in the foundation of the setting.

Start your journey with an Introduction to Erenel. Inside the codex below, I strive to provide a living world, full of intrigue, conflict, and mystery to both your games and my own. I hope my work entertains and inspires you. Erenel awaits!

A Brutal World Reborn

The Era of the Architect is dead. Left without its creator, Erenel lies vulnerable to cosmic and internal threats. The Null stir in the Nothingness, seeking to spread their otherworldly ichor while the Fallen Elf consolidates power in the hells of Below.   Yet, hope remains.   Gods born of the Foremother now contend for influence, searching for kindred souls to help them return to their physical form and fulfill their Yearning. To do so, they must recover enough vitality and meld into their divine remains, zombified demigod husks hidden across a broken universe.

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