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The Below

A commonly shared sentiment is the hardest step to take is the first. This is not true in the Below. Each step into the wretched hellscape is more difficult than the last. Each step deeper into the Layers of Sin, tear away at any hope you will return to the light above.
As Vyse Tyranal assaulted Al’Madoon above the Tree of Aymara, the Architect understood what had to be done to cleanse the corruption and spare his beloved Erenel. In a bright flash of light, Al’Madoon sacrificed his celestial body exploding into an apotheosis of divine light. The celestial explosion tore at the fabric of the universe, ripping open three new planes while simultaneously tearing the life essence out of Asanna, Luniwyn and Rezmir, causing the three young gods to leave their physical bodies behind.   The Above formed from the love of Al’Madoon and his self-sacrifice. Rezmir would ascend to the Above for choosing light over darkness, welcoming the kind-hearted and those who embraced the light. With the help of Thayriel, the Keen Eyed, Rezmir successfully recovered a branch from the damaged Tree of Aymara, planting the remains close to his acquired domain. As its mother, Aymara, did before it, this branching grew and began to bear fruit, forming angels and seraphim as the fruit ripened.   The Below formed from the hate and greed festering within Vyse. Vyse fell into the Below from Al’Madoon’s sacrifice, surrounded by a plane of shadow and despair. Many Elves, witnessing their master fall, cursed Al’Madoon and followed Vyse as he descended.

Layers of Sin

As Vyse Tyranal fell, the force of his fall ripped an unnatural pit into the Sea of Nothingness, creating a funnel-shaped ravine with six enormous layers. Each layer exists independently from the rest with its unique climate and demonic hierarchy – all of which ultimately serve Vyse Tyranal.   Broken Reach, the largest layer of sin, rests on top, with the smallest layer, Lights End, on the bottom. In the center of the Below, stretching across all six Layers of Sin, is Darkest Dawn, an enormous tower of bone and home to Vyse Tyranal and the God Eaters.   Currently, only Broken Reach has been explored by the mortal of Erenel, aided by Ianna, Matron of Ravens.

Layers of Sin

  1. Broken Reach
  2. Blood Fathoms
  3. Nydus Hive
  4. Angel's Bane
  5. Soul Furnace
  6. Light's End

Creation of Demons and Devils

During the Great Sacrifice, many Elves, now known as True Elves, witnessed their master fall, cursed Al’Madoon and followed Vyse Tyranal as he descended into the Below.   A deep hatred for Al’Madoon and his children consumed Vyse. Disgusted by his failure, he began making extensive alterations to Elven households loyal to him, transforming their flesh into horrific demonic variations.   Genetically engineered Elves who willingly gave themselves to suffering slowly evolved into Devils, intelligent evil creatures who follow a strict infernal bureaucracy to serve the Fallen Elf. Like their infernal creator’s passion, devils live to conquer and oppress, taking delight in exercising cruel authority over the innocent.

by Dean Spencer

Genetically engineered Elves who attempted to escape their suffering slowly evolved into Demons, the embodiment of chaos and evil whose sole purpose is destruction. Compassionless creatures, demons only follow power, their minds shattered, and their soul lost to the Fallen Elf.


by Jeff Brown

Black Shroud Citadel

The Black Shroud Citadel on Broken Reach edge stands as one of the few safe havens for mortals who travel to The Below. While not a welcoming place, Ianna, Matron of Ravens and her armies have thus far been prosperous in forcing a stalemate with the Vyse Tyranal, the Fallen Elf and his necromantic ideals.   This sprawling military city surrounded by defensive wards and outposts serves as Ianna’s home as she watches over the Broken Reach. A perpetual shroud placed on the city by the Matron keeps it under eternal darkness while allowing Ianna to control what information is revealed and who may enter, making communication outside its walls even more challenging.

Desiccated Garden of Silk

This spider web choked home holds a dizzying array of caves and tunnels. Countless bodies hang in the garden by silken threads of webbing forming a forest of cocoons.   If you're unlucky enough to die in the Below close to the Desiccated Garden, your body will join the Servants of the Silk. These lich-like abominations are humanoid from the waist up, but their lower portions resemble the abdomen and legs of immense spiders.   The Servants of the Silk tend to the garden, preserving corpses in a dried husk state. These "husks" are toys for the demonic arachnid Armomaru the Silken Queen. Armomaru doesn't always eat her servant's catch, most often choosing to reanimate the corpse as another Servant of the Silk or experimenting with the unfortunate corpse in unfathomable ways.

Tenebrous Academy

A loose-knit organization founded by the powerful vampire lord Mordecai, Tenebrous Academy is a gothic school focused on advancing necromancy and hematurgy magic. The academy has attracted many students interested in these "forbidden arts." Protected by Mordecai and his thrall of professors, students benefit from the academy's teachings and extensive library. Evenneth, the Scarlet Walker is known to lend her aid to the academy and help teach the brightest talent. Because of this, many Sanguis attend the Tenebrous Academy hoping to meet her.
by Dean Spencer
A swirling black mist helps protect students and prevents prying eyes from peeking into classes. Every few years, Mordecai will teleport the academy to a new location within the Below.
Alternative Name(s)
The Abyss, Plane of Shadows
Dimensional plane
Inhabiting Species
by Dean Spencer

Six Sins of Light’s End


by Gamingbrew

Bedoma's Judgment

The Primal Deity Bedoma’s great serpent form coils the world from the Ethereal Plane. Her colossus body stretches her golden python head up into The Above and her black cobra head down into The Below. After passing on, all mortal souls must travel across the back of the Great Serpent from the Ethereal Plane and enter the afterlife.   Bedoma’s two heads judge each mortal. As equal parts good and evil, the Great Serpent determines whether or not the mortal soul has lived a good or evil life. One of the following judgments is given to souls born of Erenel:
  • Those judged evil are cast down into the Below or out into the Nothingness on rare occasions.
  • Those judged good are guided up into the Above.
  • Those judged acceptable but indistinguishable remain in the Ethereal plane until an appropriate time of rebirth.
  • Those who led lives in total devotion to and are accepted by a deity are guided into the deity's realm.

Defiled Archways

Archways on Erenel are doorways to pocket dimensions created by a large amount of spiritual essence left by Al'Madoon. While in the Below, Archways are tainted by the negative energy plane.   This defilement manifests into more dangerous environments when accessing the Archway, and the threat of death if you are killed while inside. Defiled Archways give off a wide spread curse to anyone who enters, though the curse typically is removed upon exiting.

Trazon, Goat Lords

Demonic goat lords known as the Trazon have amassed great power in the Broken Reach, waging war amongst themselves as they fight for control of the hellscape. These noble of the Below are a cruel and feared species whose ambition and military prowess have allowed their kind to flourish in the most inhospitable environment.   Outside of demons and devils, only the Trazon can navigate between the six Layers of Sin. A nauseating waterway of decaying lost souls serve their punishment of Bedoma’s judgment and flow between each layer, empowering the demigods and Fallen Elf.   The Trazon are immune to the polluted sea of souls and can harvest the unfortunate remains for their own ends, fueling their hellish tendencies.


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