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Vyse Tyranal, the Fallen Elf

The kitten who sits upon a throne of illusion believes the weak must be protected? That the strong must be servants to those, who need their aid? The very notion defies nature. Do the mightiest animals across his father’s world serve the weakest? No, they eat their fill and leave the feeble behind.
— Vyse Tyranal, the Fallen Elf
Vyse Tyranal the Fallen Elf is the god of Domination, Treachery, Tyranny and Undeath. He was the first Elf granted breath by Al'Madoon, the Architect and the current ruler of The Below, a plane created by his involvement in the Story of Creation.   Vyse Tyranal is evil, cunning and ruthless beyond mortal understanding and wishes to remake all life created by an Architect. His talent for scheming is unrivaled throughout the Realms of Remembrance, manipulating mighty individuals, factions and even entire nations to carry out his desires.   To learn more about the creation of the Multiverse, reference the Story of Creation article below.
Story of Creation
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Divine Domains

Death, Grave, Tyranny

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The symbol of Tyranal is generally a Crown of Thorns or a Whip made of Thorns. Followers will typically not show these symbols openly, or face persecution by other races and religions. Because of this, many cults tend to have local, secret symbols that can be easily explained to others without drawing unwarranted attention.

Tenets of Faith

Bow to None but Him

Freedom is an illusion designed to keep the weak asleep. Only service to the True King elevates one to a holy state. Serve and be enlightened as through the will of Tyranal, is to find true salvation. All must pay tribute.

Administer Your Will

Dominate the weak and show them redemption through harsh service. Turn only the best to the Lord Below. Those who cannot, or will not submit to one stronger than themselves should be purged.

Fulfill Your Desires

Seize power whenever weakness is present, to take what you desire is considered divine. The strong will always take what they need. As is the way nature intended.


Contacts & Relations

The Hanged Ones

The Hanged Ones keep small sects scattered across Erenel, spreading fear and misery throughout the land. They wear green and black robes with a hangman's noose around their necks. Apostles and initiates are hanged with these ceremonial objects to ensure their sacrifice reaches Vyse.   During times of need, clergy leaders lead their sect to "The Great Oak," a sizeable oak tree covered with nooses from past sacrifices. Initiates will hang themselves from the tree in unison as an act of giving their life to Vyse. If proven worthy, those who have "hung" will be reborn. In reality, Vyse takes their spirits and injects them into a dark creation he deems fit. This injection can range from being put back in their original body tainted from the Below, attached to a demonic creature, or sent to be food for those who feast on souls.   Either way, their soul will never reach Bedoma, the Last Guide.
Divine Classification
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lord Below, He Who Would Not Bow, the True King
Ruled Locations

God Eaters

Exceptional followers of Vyse are sometimes “rewarded” upon death to continue serving the Lord Below as a God Eater. The transformation is gruesome as they become beings of pure chaos. Their bodies become a hideous form of organs and limbs constantly twisting and reshaping in new ways.   Regardless of their grotesque appearance, the power possessed by a God Eater is legendary, and they quickly ascend through the ranks of Vyse Tyranal’s army in the Below. Most God Eaters take an active role in the Shadow Wars, tasked with opposing the Matron of Ravens at every step. Luckily, having multiple brains gives the God Eaters enhanced intelligence and ambition, making them perfect for leading the twisted demons and devils at their disposal.
by Balazs Pirok

Creation of Demons and Devils

During the Great Sacrifice, many Elves, now known as True Elves, witnessed their master fall, cursed Al’Madoon and followed Vyse Tyranal as he descended into the Below.   A deep hatred for Al’Madoon and his children consumed Vyse. Disgusted by his failure, he began making extensive alterations to Elven households loyal to him, transforming their flesh into horrific demonic variations.   Genetically engineered Elves who willingly gave themselves to suffering slowly evolved into Devils, intelligent evil creatures who follow a strict infernal bureaucracy to serve the Fallen Elf. Like their infernal creator’s passion, devils live to conquer and oppress, taking delight in exercising cruel authority over the innocent.   Genetically engineered Elves who attempted to escape their suffering slowly evolved into Demons, the embodiment of chaos and evil whose sole purpose is destruction. Compassionless creatures, demons only follow power, their minds shattered, and their soul lost to the Fallen Elf.

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