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Thayriel, the Keen Eyed

Thayriel is unaware he has followers, or he may not even care. Fittingly, no church exists for the glory of Thayriel. If you stumble upon a small shrine of natural outcroppings honoring the Primal Stag deep within the woodlands, be forewarned. The eyes of a warden are upon you and will show no mercy if you disturb that which is sacred.
— Vziron the Found
Thayriel is a Primal Deity and the god of Exploration, Hunting, Tracking and Wild Nature. Known as Warden of the Woodland, Thayriel places nature's wild growth above any other concern. He follows the ideology of the hunter; respect for the environment, animals, and the gratitude deserved to those who give their lives to the hunt. Every bloodied hunting ground can be seen as a shrine to Thayriel.


Followers of Thayriel are most often hunters, rangers, druids, shaman, and all others whose lifestyle relies on the forest. He has few followers, if any, who live in cities or would be considered cultured or refined scholars.   Thayriel ignores mortal society; the idea of politics or war between order and chaos bore him. However, the Keen Eyed opposes all organized efforts of anyone, regardless of their good or bad intention, to ruin the natural state of nature.

Divine Domains

Death, Hunt, Nature, War

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The symbol of Thayriel is represented by a longbow crafted out of Stag Antlers. Followers of Thayriel will craft their own bows from material found only in the forest. To embed anything unnatural is considered blasphemous.

Tenets of Faith

Embrace the Cycle

Even the most powerful will die one day, their flesh and bone becoming one with the Earth. Do not believe you are above the cycle. Take only what you need to survive and know that ultimately, someone or something will do the same to you. Do not show animosity to the hunter or their prey unless they threaten to disrupt the cycle.

Observe Then Decide

To hunt is to be silent, observe your surroundings and access the situation before you act. The best parts of the world can be found in ways so subtle if you rush ahead, you will miss everything.

Respect Demanded

Demand respect for the ancient places of the world; woodlands, caverns, mountains, and other natural landmarks. The cycle is innately pure, and primal growth is the key to a perfect world. Oppose anyone who would undermine the natural cycle.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Thayriel resembles a large Stag with thick fur that matches his current habitat, and large extravagant antlers. Thayriels eyes are green but flash gold after a notable hunt is completed in Erenel or the Trance.   As the symbol of the greatest of all hunted creatures, the stag, Thayriel enjoys taking a humanoid form and hunting predators when natural order needs to be established. This humanoid form always appears with a crown of horns or claws while wielding a bow made of bone.
Divine Classification
Primal Deity
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Keen Eyed, Warden of the Woodland, the Elk Archer
Ruled Locations

Wood Wards

An order of skilled rangers and druids who seek to drive out unwelcomed creatures that threaten the woodlands or punish overreaching civilization, Wood Wards come in two distinct groups who share a similar goal but vary significantly in their approach.   Lawful Wood Ward often live near civilizations on the outskirts of the forest. While following the basic decree of protecting wildlands, lawful Wood Wards hope to teach members of their neighboring village how to honor and protect nature.   Chaotic Wood Wards also live near civilizations when not wandering and seek to protect the wildlands from villages through fear. A Chaotic Wood Ward will not immediately resort to violence, but these Wards are known to slaughter and burn a disrespecting town to the ground if the populace oversteps.

Personal History

War of Wolf and Stag
Cold and emotionless, Thayriel disregards the political workings of the Primal Deities and Children of the Foremother. He remains ever focused on his current hunt – his brother Hrólfr, the Ancient Wolf.   After the Great Sacrifice, the Ancient Wolf sought to carve a new existence in the Trance. As Hrólfr burned part of the Wyld away to make room for his Kingdom of Embers, the primal deity was surprised and jailed by the centaur Sodok Taran, son of Thayriel.   Following Hrólfr’s escape thanks to the Wolfheart Clan, Thayriel has sought retribution by eternally hunting the ashen wolf and slaughtering any followers who accidentally cross his path. Hearing of this hunt, Aymara the Foremother attempted to intervene and find peace between her adopted children. Her pleas to Thayriel have fallen on deaf ears, and the war between the wolf and stag continues.

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