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Evenneth, the Scarlet Walker

I see her when I think I will die from drink, not when I show caution and temperance. Could there be any more definite sign of her will? The grape to wine is like blood to the mother of hematurgy. It nourishes her children, and we do her a disservice when we do not drink to our fill and beyond. If there is a line drawn by society, she wants us to cross it. You honor her when you do so. If they tell you it is wrong, it is right. Take, but take secretly, until we have the strength to overcome not being the first.
Evenneth, the Scarlet Walker, is the Elven Wife of Vyse Tyranal, the Fallen Elf and originator of Hematurgy (blood) magic. When Vyse Tyranal fell following the events of the Great Sacrifice, Evenneth chose to fall willingly with her husband without hesitation. For her loyalty, she now presides over the Council of Elysium in the Below.   The discovery of Hematurgy magic by Evenneth is widely considered the turning point in Vyse Tyranal's quest for dominance. Unlike magic in Erenel following Al'Madoon's death, Hematurgy magic does not come from tethering the bond and instead derives from one's life essence. Some scholars would argue blood comes from the creatures Al'Madoon, the Architect created, but Vyse and Evenneth view this as a sign the Architect was not all powerful. Now, her ultimate goal is mastering Hematurgy magic to use as a catalyst in toppling false justice in The Above.

Creating the Sanguis

Sanguis were once human’s hailing from the Nephistrad Kingdom, full of passion and ambition. Humans in Nephistrad had a natural talent in tethering into the bond, allowing for impressive cultural growth, great explorations, and excessive wealth. Lead by the Von Lishken lineage, Nephistrad prospered, but in their rise became consumed with jealousy. No other race had spread and conquered like humans after the awakening, and yet other races enjoyed longer lifespans allowing for an unfair power advantage.   The Von Lishkens began searching for alternatives, stumbling upon the powers of Hematurgy magic and how dabbling in the dark art could provide salvation. The Scarlet Walker recognized the opportunity before her. What better way to test the limits of Hematurgy then a population of willing participants. She conveniently offered a solution, changing the Sanguis people into something “better” if they would help introduce blood magic to Erenel. They agreed with Harlock Von Lishken drinking from the blood bonding ritual cup first. After drinking, the now Sanguis race were granted the freedom of long life, as long as they fed on blood, the life essence of others.

Divine Domains

Hematurgy (blood), Trickery

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The holy symbol of Evenneth is two fangs dripping with blood. Followers of the Scarlet Walker who are not of Sanguis or Vampire descent often replace their canine teeth with extensions fashioned to a sharp point.

Distilled Misery

Continuing her neverending purpose of mastering Hematurgy magic, the Scarlet Walker has recently made a significant breakthrough. Using life essence found in the blood is powerful, yet, extracting blood in excruciating ways causes the blood to generate large amounts of energy. Once distilled, this newly discovered liquid known as “misery” can be consumed and act as a magical steroid, amplifying Hematurgy magic for a short time.   One dose of misery is challenging to produce as a victim cannot endure more than one extraction a day. In the boughs of the Tenebrous Academy, the Scarlet Walker lines her prison with Vyse Tyranal’s most hated enemies, draining them of misery daily – refusing to let them die.
by Dean Spencer
Divine Classification
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
the Scarlet Walker, Mother of Hematurgy, the Cup Bearer
by Dean Spencer

Tenebrous Academy

A loose-knit organization founded by the powerful vampire lord Mordecai, Tenebrous Academy is a gothic school focused on advancing necromancy and hematurgy magic. The academy has attracted many students interested in these "forbidden arts." Protected by Mordecai and his thrall of professors, students benefit from the academy's teachings and extensive library. The Scarlet Walker is known to lend her aid to the academy and help teach the brightest talent. Because of this, many Sanguis attend the Tenebrous Academy hoping to meet her.   A swirling black mist helps protect students and prevents prying eyes from peeking into classes. Every few years, Mordecai will teleport the academy to a new location within the Below.


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