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The Above

Pure and untainted, the Above fills the most stalwart of heroes with unmatched inspiration. Stretching beyond the confinements of mortal sin, the plane of Everlasting Light provides security and peace. While many believe conflict does not exist in this sacred place, the truth is conflict can live without violence and anger as long as we act in the best interest of all.
As Vyse Tyranal assaulted Al’Madoon above the Tree of Aymara, the Architect understood what had to be done to cleanse the corruption and spare his beloved Erenel. In a bright flash of light, Al’Madoon sacrificed his celestial body exploding into an apotheosis of divine light. The celestial explosion tore at the fabric of the universe, ripping open three new planes while simultaneously tearing the life essence out of Asanna, Luniwyn and Rezmir, causing the three young gods to leave their physical bodies behind.   The Above formed from the love of Al’Madoon and his self-sacrifice. Rezmir would ascend to the Above for choosing light over darkness, welcoming the kind-hearted and those who embraced the light. With the help of Thayriel, the Keen Eyed, Rezmir successfully recovered a branch from the damaged Tree of Aymara, planting the remains close to his acquired domain. As its mother, Aymara, did before it, this branching grew and began to bear fruit, forming angels and seraphim as the fruit ripened.   The Below formed from the hate and greed festering within Vyse. Vyse fell into the Below from Al’Madoon’s sacrifice, surrounded by a plane of shadow and despair. Many Elves, witnessing their master fall, cursed Al’Madoon and followed Vyse as he descended.

Domains of the Above

The Above is divided into three domains, known as orders, for each Deity of Light. Central to the three domains, Aymara the Foremother’s branches stretch outward, uniting her children while the mesmerizing Sea of Silver surrounds and protects the plane from evils below.   From their respective domains, the three deities of light (Asanna, Luniwyn and Rezmir) seek to further their own ends and grow stronger with worship. As determined by their Yearning, gods and demigods grow more influential through worship. Only after amassing enough influence can a deity fulfill their Yearning, becoming whole again and replacing the Architect. This often brings deities into conflict, except the deities of light, who, besides petty squabbles, are unified behind the philosophy of good.

Domains of the Above

  • Aureate. Rezmir’s domain of Holy light
  • Dawn. Asanna’s domain of Sunlight
  • Veil. Luniwyn’s domain of Twilight


Harmony's Rest

The largest settlement on the plane, Harmony's Rest, is a peaceful city arranged in an orderly grid with streets paved in silver. Buildings are typically built from platinum, silver or mithril ore and rise upward instead of outward, reaching up to Aymara's branches.   Surrounding Harmony’s Rest is a lush landscape of vibrant colors. Lush forests and rolling hills of long grass form a picturesque vista where the weather subtly shifts between seasons, giving a mild but inviting pattern without violent winds or snowstorms.

Sea of Silver

Stretching endlessly in every direction, the freshwater sea of holy water provides for and protects The Above from demonic invasion. It is common to see boats sailing under the starlight and various aquatic creatures moving in the depths. When one steps into The Above after facing Bedoma's Judgment, they are generally placed on the coast with their backs to the sea. This incomprehensible beauty reminds mortal souls of the paradise they now enter as the three domains of light and the great tree lie before them.

Sanctuary, Prison of Redemption

The Angelic Choir, First Wardens, led by the Solar Raduriel, the Redeemer, serve Rezmir as angelic jailers. In the holy prison Sanctuary, the angelic choir confines exceptional prisoners and attempts to rehabilitate their wicked ways with a second chance at eternal life.   Prisoners range from monstrous intelligent abominations, fallen angels, and god-eaters, all taken captive and brought to the impenetrable prison. While rehabilitation is rare and takes an unfathomable amount of time, Raduriel the Redeemed is steadfast in his purpose.
Alternative Name(s)
Everlasting Light, The Heavens
Dimensional plane
Characters in Location
Inhabiting Species

True Law

Rezmir’s True Law was once interpreted differently by the intelligent races of Erenel and his most devoted followers. The Firstborn had never officially announced what True Law meant outside of his tenets.   Following the creation of Edictor, Toll of Light's End, and the administration of Six Sins of Lights End, Rezmir went on the offensive. Trusted messengers chosen from the angelic choirs of the Above hand delivered the Virtues of True Law to the heralds of the Illuminated Church. The gift of True Law is meant to guide the mortal races in the administration of perfect order, leading to growth and prosperity.  

Virtues of True Law


Aymara’s Rebirth

After her destruction during the Great Sacrifice, the Primal Deity Thayriel, the Keen Eyed, guided by Rezmir, recovered one of Aymara’s branches, planting the remains in the center of the Above. As the mother Aymara did before it, this branchling grew and began to bear fruit, forming angels and seraphim as the fruit ripened.   Regaining what was lost, Aymara became a central fixture in the Above, her branches stretching to an unimaginable height, disappearing above the cloud.   As the Above took form around the Deities of Light, Aymara’s branches reach into all three domains, reminding her children of their link to the past and their responsibility to their father’s creation.


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