Asanna, the Kindled

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We look to Kings and Queens for guidance, and we sing songs of their accomplishments. But the wise among us know it is the common folk, who sit by the hearth, baking bread and sowing the fields that keep a kingdom prosperous. They maintain the oven fires and stock the cupboards. For without the hands which till the soil, all would cease. She knows this truth and lovingly provides for the forgotten.
— Sir Marcus Nicholson
Asanna is the goddess of Autumn, Hearth and Family. She is also one of three deities birthed by Aymara the Foremother, and a direct descendant of Al'Madoon, the Architect.   The youngest of her siblings, Asanna, found herself drawn to the ordinary acts of human life and how their communities grew despite the limitations of a short life span. While her celestial family must continuously deal with personal trials and tribulations, humans, no matter their circumstance, would flock to the campfire, delighting in the simple things. Companionship, good conversation, and a warm bed brought real joy to their lives, no matter the enduring hardship.   Asanna seeks comfort and happiness for her family and all people who follow this ideal in Erenel. She delights in humility and small kindnesses and takes less stock in spectacular acts of heroism. Looked upon by other deities as naïve or childlike, Asanna is typically worshiped not as a primary deity but in conjunction with others. She does not mind – personal glory is not her concern.

Divine Domains

Life, Nature

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The symbol most associated with Asanna is a humanoid figure made from bundles of straw and sticks. These straw figures are often found tied to trees in the center of villages and on farms before harvesting. During wedding ceremonies, some Human ethnicities will present a straw figure to the pair, created to resemble their features in some way. The straw figure is kept above their hearth to bless their home with abundance and happiness.


Be a Generous Host

Your hearth can warm your neighbors and a simple broth can feed the hungry. There are those who can no longer care for themselves. Feeding and caring for others is a blessing. Provide nourishment and warmth and know others will provide it for you if needed.

Honor Old Traditions

The stories told by the campfire and the wise words of elders are community treasures. Our ancestors who live with service and humility should not be forgotten. Family rituals shall be passed down from generation to generation. Keep your family recipes to memory for when you prepare the same spice blends as your grandparents you honor the generations which came before you.


Harvest Festival

No matter how ubiquitous the festival may be in any farmers town, the Harvest Festival is dedicated to Asanna wherever her followers go. After successfully harvesting all the fields, followers thank the Lady of the Land for the yield and her continued protection during the Harvest Festival.   The Harvest Festival typically takes place a week after harvesting is complete. It is a time for the community to come together with feasting, carnival games and merriment before winter chill arrives.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

While in the Plane of Eternal Glade, Hrólfr, the Ancient Wolf began eradicating many of the lesser creatures to support a territory designed in his likeness. The untamed lands were burned away as he laid waste to fields and trees, eventually settling his new home, known as the Kingdom of Embers.   Overcome with grief by the destruction, Asanna found a way to subdue Hrólfr’s rage, tricking the Ancient One and binding him inside his Kingdom. The subdued wolf’s ear-splitting howls, full of wrath rang across the Trance, touching the Summer’s Dream and Winter’s Dream. Hrólfr’s howling rage took hold of the inhabitants of the Trance as they were overcome with anger, lashing out at each other in a coaxed rage. To quell Hrólfr’s fury, the mighty centaur warrior Sodok Taran, ventured into the Kingdom of Embers, driving his flaming greatsword through Hrólfr’s maw, silencing the tormented howl.
Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lady of the Land, Lady of the Feast, the Breaker of Bread, the Kindled
Story of Creation
Generic article | Apr 2, 2022

The Story of Erenel's creation by the Architect Al'Madoon.

Hearth Keepers

There is no recognized clergy for Asanna outside of the Hearth Keepers, a group that reveres in humility and providing for the common folk over personal glory. Even the most well known Hearth Keepers go without praise or charity and actively shun it, as it is considered improper.   Recently, more Hearth Keepers have begun building monasteries under the name Hearth Manciples. Despite what other Hearth Keepers would believe a dispassionate approach to Asanna’s doctrine, they are quickly growing as more “common folk” congregate for services.

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