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Asanna, the Blazing Dawn

When I was young and naïve under the Illuminated Church, it seemed that Erenel was a place full of generosity. But I have grown old and left the healing halls. I have seen that evil is everywhere, for its path is easy to find. I have witnessed the sullied crying for the light after walking alongside the wicked.   It is too much to bear. I choose to spend my days tending to the hearts full of Ikaram’s sun, for grace is not easy to find and difficult to embrace.
— Sir Marcus Nicholson
Asanna is the goddess of Hearth, Light and the Sun. She is also one of three deities birthed by Aymara, the Foremother, and a direct descendant of Al'Madoon.   Asanna is closely allied with his kin Luniwyn and Rezmir under the Illuminated Church, a grand church overseen by three Heralds, one for each deity of light. Like her kin, Asanna’s celestial and physical forms were torn apart from the Great Sacrifice. To learn more about the creation of the Multiverse, reference the Story of Creation article below.
Story of Creation
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Divine Domains

Light, Peace, Sun

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The symbol of Asanna is the radiant sun with eight rays extending outward in unison. Notable followers of Asanna wear solar crowns with a depiction of Ikaram the Sol on the front of the crown, which cascades brilliant light when needed to find their way in the dark.

Tenets of Faith

Give Generously

We come closer to the light through service to others. By caring for others, we find ourselves cared for by the light. The most treasured are those who give their lives in the service of others out of love, not personal gain.

Precious Gift

As the sun rises without fail every morning, consistency in everything you do will guide you to betterment. Seek daily excellence of mind and body under Ikaram the Sol’s rays of life. Life is a precious gift, and not to be taken lightly.

Protect the Innocent

As the sun follows its nightly descent into darkness, you must bravely descend into the shadows. The willingness to endure the horrors found in the dark for the sake of others is the ultimate self-sacrifice.


Harvest Festival
12th -14th of Gwirus
This three-day festival gives thanks to Asanna, the Kindled and Aymara the Foremother, for the gift of harvest and is an opportunity to celebrate the successful completion of another crop season. It is a time for the community to come together with feasting, carnival games and merriment before winter's chill arrives.
21st of Eol
The Kinfire occurs during the Winter Solstice under the watchful eye of Asanna, the Kindled. During this shortened day, the mortal races of Erenel show their generosity by giving gifts to members in their community who need them most. The poor are fed and clothed, and the homeless are given shelter. Friends and family gather around the fire to exchange gifts and discuss the year's events so all may learn and grow as kin.
Three Tears
31st of Eol
Held during the last day of the year, Three Tears is a solemn holiday. As the year fades and another takes its place, Erenel mourns the loss of Asanna, Luniwyn and Rezmir's physical form and hopes one of the three may fulfill their Yearning next year and become whole again.
Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
the Blazing Dawn, the Fire Keeper, the Kindled
Ruled Locations

Ikaram the Sol

Following the Great Sacrifice, Asanna watched as Erenel’s sun, Ikaram the Sol, vigilantly circled the Realm of Remembrance, protecting her father’s creation from the void’s onslaught. While her sister Luniwyn sought to aid the realm by bolstering the nighty sky, Asanna felt the power and determination within Ikaram.   Unable to leave his patrol, Asanna would often visit Ikaram, telling tales of how his might helped defeat the terrors of the night. Now, a great friendship is struck between Ikaram and Asanna through the purity of faithfulness in seeing Al’Madoon’s children of Erenel prosper.

Hearth Keepers

Gwaeron Darmon's Last Stand
19th of Gwirus, 571
"The last rays of sunlight bled across the wounded land as the sun set behind Grenchester Rise. The remaining Hearth Keepers had held off the broken lands attack, but with the coming night, their forces would replenish. The monstrous beasts would attack again with great ferocity, and this time they would leave none alive."   "One by one, the battle-weary Hearth Keepers chanted Dawn’s Hymn. To die in service of the Fire Keeper would only be the beginning of their story."

Illuminated Church

The Illuminated Church is arguably the most influential organization in Erenel. With a stranglehold on Grenchester and subsequently the Illuminated Kingdom, the church leads the effort to reclaim the divine remains of Asanna, Luniwyn and Rezmir.   Under the Illuminated Church are the three Churches of Yearning, each following one of the three deities of light. While these Churches of Yearning are under the Illuminated Church, each is widespread, with sects stretching across Erenel in every capital city.   Each individual Church of Yearning is its own religious organization, as shown below:
by Jeff Brown
Hearth Keepers
Followers of Asanna, the Hearth Keepers harness sunlight to push back the darkness.  
Lantern Priests
Followers of Rezmir, the Lantern Priests harness holy light found within to push back the darkness.  
Midnight Eyrie
Followers of Luniwyn, the Midnight Eyrie harnesses moon and starlight to push back the darkness.


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