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Rezmir, of Light and Law

The injustices spread across our father’s creation may fill your soul with hatred. You may desire to destroy those who have wronged you and this world with every ounce of your being. Remember, True Law is more perfect than any law made by mortals, and to follow it will lead you to an existence so beautiful that it is incomprehensible until you arrive.
— Brother Lavant
Rezmir is the god of Justice, Law and Order. He is also one of three deities birthed by Aymara, the Foremother, and a direct descendant of Al'Madoon.   Rezmir is closely allied with his kin Asanna and Luniwyn under the Illuminated Church, a grand church overseen by three Heralds, one for each deity of light. Like his kin, Rezmir’s celestial and physical forms were torn apart from the Great Sacrifice. To learn more about the creation of the Multiverse, reference the Story of Creation article below.
Story of Creation
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Divine Domains

Light, Order, Protection

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The symbol of Rezmir is a lit watchman's lantern. Worn by the Lantern Priests, the lantern solidifies the "Light's Watch" and the idea of shining a light on the darkness of injustice. The Faithful will keep a lantern burning outside their door to show their devotion.

Tenets of Faith

Justice For All

No one is above the law, not even lords and kings. All crimes will receive justice, therefore it is wrong to commit another crime to see justice done. Trust in Rezmir’s true law. There cannot be peace without justice, nor justice without law.  

Light Pierces the Veil

Always search for the presence of light when surrounded by darkness. You are a beacon and must shine your light on injustice, wherever it may lurk.  

The Right To Be Judged

Those who would deny the right for anyone to face judgment are enemies to light and law. All civilizations should create a formal justice system with court issued edicts and arguments. All will face the final judgment and be granted an afterlife worthy of their merit.


Festival of the Word/Roar's Remembrance
15th-18ths of Poruls
Leading up to Summer Solstice, the three-day Festival of the Word marks a celebration of Rezmir, of Light and Law and his defense of Erenel against the Vyse Tyranal, the Fallen Elf.   On the first day, the faithful listen to sermons of the First Law before ending in a great feast. On the second day, the faithful listen to sermons of the Second Law and again end the day in a great fast. On the third day, the faithful listen to sermons of the Third Law before spending the rest of the day giving penance and fasting. This penance and fasting last through the third day and the following day, Roar's Remembrance.   Roar's Remembrance is held on the Summer Solstice as the longest day of the year marks the light of Rezmir crashing down upon the darkness and sending it to the Below.
Three Tears
31st of Eol
Held during the last day of the year, Three Tears is a solemn holiday. As the year fades and another takes its place, Erenel mourns the loss of Asanna, Luniwyn and Rezmir's physical form and hopes one of the three may fulfill their Yearning next year and become whole again.
Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
of Light and Law, the Firstborn, the Winged Lion
Ruled Locations

Salthiel, the Fallen Angel

Salthiel was once a favored angel in service of Rezmir, standing at his right hand, carrying out true law and defending the faithful against depredations. Salthiel's influence grew, and many of Rezmir's worshipers prayed not to the winged lion but to an angel for aid. It is unknown if this worship caused Salthiel to grow arrogant, or perhaps another unknown force manipulated the angel, but regardless Salthiel sought to replace Rezmir atop Zion Mountain.   Easily defeating the angel, with great sadness, Rezmir banished Salthiel, his choir of light hurling the fallen angel down to The Below. Luckily for the fallen angel, allies beyond the Realm of Remembrance recognize Salthiels potential.

True Law

Rezmir’s True Law was once interpreted differently by the intelligent races of Erenel and his most devoted followers. The Firstborn had never officially announced what True Law meant outside of his tenets.   Following the creation of Edictor, Toll of Light's End and the administration of Six Sins of Lights End, Rezmir went on the offensive. Trusted messengers chosen from the angelic choirs of the Above hand delivered the Virtues of True Law to the heralds of the Illuminated Church. The gift of True Law is meant to guide the mortal races in the administration of perfect order, leading to growth and prosperity.

Virtues of True Law

Honoring True Law is the only path to righteousness. All who are righteous need not fear True Law. Ignorance of True Law is no defense for the sullied.

Illuminated Church

The Illuminated Church is arguably the most influential organization in Erenel. With a stranglehold on Grenchester and subsequently the Illuminated Kingdom, the church leads the effort to reclaim the divine remains of Asanna, Luniwyn and Rezmir.   Under the Illuminated Church are the three Churches of Yearning, each following one of the three deities of light. While these Churches of Yearning are under the Illuminated Church, each is widespread, with sects stretching across Erenel in every capital city.   Each individual Church of Yearning is its own religious organization, as shown below:
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Hearth Keepers
Followers of Asanna, the Hearth Keepers harness sunlight to push back the darkness.  
Lantern Priests
Followers of Rezmir, the Lantern Priests harness holy light found within to push back the darkness.  
Midnight Eyrie
Followers of Luniwyn, the Midnight Eyrie harnesses moon and starlight to push back the darkness.

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