Luniwyn, the Silver Maiden

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Let us never forget the Silver Maiden, full of infinite wisdom, so loved her father that she chose to willingly stare into cosmic horror and fight back the infringing void. It is a mystery all who worship must ponder.
  Luniwyn is the goddess of the Moon, Prophecy, Secrets, and Wisdom. She is also one of three deities birthed by Aymara the Foremother, and a direct descendant of Al'Madoon, the Architect.   After her ascension to the Above following the Great Sacrifice, Luniwyn found herself drawn to the sky. The life essence's Al’Madoon willingly removed from his body during creation, Ikaram the Sol, and the stars in the sky, shone beautifully and stood vigilant protecting Erenel from the void. Luniwyn did not feel the same love, her siblings and mother felt for the people of Erenel, but she did long to assist in what her father gave his life to protect – the universe.   Luniwyn saw how the void would encroach while Ikaram the Sol circled away, leaving the stars to struggle in pushing away the darkness. She would join their plight in the dark sky and bring twilight to the world, shining with the silver light of the stars, staring back into the unending void.

Cycle of the Moon

Luniwyn has many changing moods and natures resembling the cycle of the moon. The light’s shadow is still partially in darkness as the void stares back. Those who communicate with Luniwyn note that at times she is enthusiastic and joyous. At other times, she appears subdued and tranquil before becoming overcome by sadness. Finally, she could appear cold and fierce, showing little mercy for those who oppose her ideals.   By following the rotation of the moon, one can predict Luniwyn’s mood, with a full cycle taking place over 16 days. When the moon appears new, she is filled with happiness, but when the moon is full she turns aggressive. Similarly, others who look to the moon for guidance follow a similar cycle of emotions.

Divine Domains

Knowledge, Moon*, Tempest
*can be found at the bottom of this article!

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The symbol of Luniwyn is a crescent moon inlaid with gems with the two ends covered in silver, mithril or other exotic metals that reflect light. The symbol typically doubles as a weapon and can be sized as small as a dagger to the much larger umbra glaives wielded by the Midnight Eyrie.



All are born to live unique and different lives. Every person may look to the stars in the sky from anywhere in the universe for your destiny hides in plain sight. Once you learn to read the stars, you will know too much to be ignored. Choose carefully when and how you reveal the secrets you bear, many people would be better off not knowing.  

Lunar Cycle

Find comfort in the beauty of twilight instead of the bright light of fanatical good or the darkness of infinite evil. Straddle the freedom to choose the side you believe in between chaos and law. Sometimes we are radiant and alluring, while other times we are cold and full of melancholy. Both are legitimate, and there is a proper time for each.  

Wisdom by Experience

Knowing yourself and understanding, you must live a life of learning is true wisdom. Life is a series of mysteries. As you grow and experience, you uncover a powerful intuition burning inside of you. Listen to it or follow the fool's path.


Contacts & Relations

Many sailors and navigators who travel by the stars offer prayer to Luniwyn for a safe voyage. Those who hold her in the highest regard are Astrologers, fortune tellers, mystics and those curious enough to seek their future. Lycanthropes, both good-spirited and evil, look to Luniwyn for help coping with a shared moon cycle.   It is quite common for other intelligent races to also ask for blessing and give thanks to Luniwyn but worship another deity.
Divine Classification
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
the Silver Maiden, the Moon and Stars, the Sky Mother, the Light's Shadow

All Sight

Luniwyn is one of two deities blessed with all-sight and has seen her future and eventual death. She chooses to not reveal what she sees by reading the stars, instead revealing information on a need to know basis when necessary.   The other deity blessed with all-sight is Oriax, the Watcher

Umbra Glaive

The Midnight Eyrie's weapon of choice, Umbra Glaives circular design allows for skilled warriors to wield it with one or two hands in combat.   Martial Weapon, Melee Weapon
Cost: 20 gp. Weight: 4 lbs
1d8 slashing/ versatile (1d10)
Versatile. This weapon can be used with one or two hands. The damage when used with two hands is in parentheses.

Class Option

Moon: Divine Domain

Like the moon and the stars, you are the threshold between safety and the unknown beyond. Delve into the dark and hold its dangers at bay or guide others through the subtleties of night.   Available only for Gamingbrew Patrons. If you are a Patron the sub class will appear below.

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