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Born from the decaying souls of mortals sentenced to punishment in the Below, the Trazon Goat Lords are a cruel yet motivated species known for their cunning schemes and militaristic prowess.
Demonic goat lords known as the Trazon have amassed great power in the first four layers of sin, waging war amongst themselves as they fight for control of the hellscape. These nobles of the Below are a cruel and feared species whose ambition and military prowess have allowed their kind to flourish in the most inhospitable environment.   Outside of demons and devils, only the Trazon can navigate between the Six Layers of Sin. A nauseating waterway of decaying lost souls serve their punishment at the hands of Bedoma’s judgment and flow between each layer, empowering the devilish demigods and Vyse Tyranal, the Fallen Elf. The Trazon are immune to the polluted sea of souls and can harvest the unfortunate remains for their own ends, fueling their hellish tendencies.

Trazon Power Structure

A Trazon community in the Below is governed by the most powerful house, which possesses the bulk of the communities economic and military power. Under this leading house, smaller Trazon houses live in precarious cooperation, taking orders from the leading house while vying for position amongst one another.   Each smaller house also maintains its own military, although they are often a mix of mercenaries with their house guard. This dynamic puts immense pressure on each house, including the leading house, which must maintain control over the smaller houses and their position of power. Few leading houses maintain a permanent position of authority as alliances crumble from a culture of betrayal.   Luckily for the Trazon, this constant intent to get ahead allows for incredible innovation. Trazon are masters at battle strategy, engineering, alchemy, and anything else they believe will provide an edge. Many scholars in Erenel wonder how far the Trazon society would advance if they could prosper without the threat of death hiding in every shadow.

Basic Information


The Trazon resembles a goat-human hybrid with devilish features and the head of a horned goat. They walk upright on cloven hooves and can stand anywhere from 4 to 8 feet in height. Thick hair covers their bodies and varies wildly in color, from gray and reddish brown, to dark brown and black. The Trazon often shave or dye their fur in patterns to signify which noble house they support.   The importance of a Trazon’s horns cannot be overstated. All Trazon display their individual status and honor their victories by adding jewelry, precious metals and etchings on their horns. Most Trazon polish their horns and refuse to use their display in battle. A Trazon with broken or dull horns is considered worthless by a cruel and depraved society, always seeking to advance over their brethren.

Genetics and Reproduction

Trazon do not reproduce and are instead created by Woe Callers. Woe Callers collect decaying souls judged to spend afterlife in punishment by flowing in the nauseating waterway connecting the Six Layers of Sin. Once a Woe Caller has collected enough life essence from decaying souls, a Sin Pustule is formed in the Trazon birthing pits deep within a Trazon house’s capital city. A Sin Pustule resembles a small slime sack that, over 3 weeks, grows large enough to accommodate the Trazon, birthing the demonic goat as an adult.   A Trazon is immediately sent to military training, and assuming the teacher doesn’t slay them for some minor infraction, are given orders by their commanding officer and join their house's military. Trazon that show aptitude in a profession are instead provided as apprentices to trade mentors to help the militarized cities flourish.   House authority figures often choose to purchase Sin Pustules and claim the Trazon at birth. These lucky Trazon join their “family” for a life of politicking and social posturing as a member of the house’s power structure.


Dying is not an honor to the Trazon and does not represent a doorway to paradise. Instead, the Trazon believe death is the ultimate defeat, stripping them of their hard-earned achievements, which will be claimed by a less worthy Trazon. Because of this belief, when a Trazon kills a rival, they go to great lengths to destroy the body, hopefully making resurrection extremely difficult.   Unfortunately for the Trazon, they hardly ever die of old age and instead meet their end on the battlefield or at the hands of another Trazon scheming for their position.   If a Trazon does make it to an elderly age, the house’s leader will almost always use them as a sacrifice, using their life essence to fuel a neverending war with other Trazon houses.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

When a Trazon emerges from a Sin Pustule, they are awarded a name by the Woe Caller responsible for their “birth.” A Trazon shows their allegiance to their house by including the house name after their own.
Male names: Brunu, Co’haad, Eshuur, Karash, Srimbar, Zaavrus
Female names: Chavni, Estervira, Ganshea, Mahima, Ra’deesh, Yanira
Trazon emerge from a Sin Pustule as an adult and can live up to 200 years
Average Height
4ft - 8ft
Average Weight
100 - 250 lbs
Geographic Distribution

Notable Trazon Houses

In the Below

House Anvernia
Led by Rizadrin Anvernia
Sin Layer: Broken Reach
Capital: Avizert  
House Erelhei
Led by Anireth Erelhei
Sin Layer: Nydus Hive
Capital: Streghi  
House Kathanor
Led by Ishdrim Kathanor
Sin Layer: Blood Fathoms
Capital: Vorg'aut  
House Netherion
Led by Lyvar Netherion
Sin Layer: Angel's Bane
Capital: Xivanis
by Ede Laszlo

Soul Shard

A popular currency in Trazon cities is soul shards. These shards represent the life force of judged mortals that originated in the waterways that flow between layers of sin. To become a soul shard, a soul must be captured and stored properly in an unholy reliquary. Because a Trazon is created by these same souls, a soul shard is bestowed upon their death if they are sacrificed during a soul ritual.   While Black Markets which deal in soul shards are difficult to locate in Erenel, in Trazon capital cities, soul shards are often preferred over coin. This important currency is why no Trazon dies of old age and is sacrificed in a soul ritual by more powerful Trazon lords.

Trazon Traits

Your Trazon character has a variety of natural abilities common with your ancestry.
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