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The Null

The mere presence of these otherworldly organisms is enough to splinter the mind. Avoid their whispers and pray you do not catch their gaze.
The Black Sea of Void surrounding Erenel is divorced from reality, where unimaginable beings gnaw beyond time and space. These Eldritch gods are known as The Null. Violating the natural laws of the Architects universe, The Null are as influential as they are ancient. Their motives are incomprehensible as their supreme power is boundless.   Many Null are indifferent or unaware of Erenel. Others choose to confront the Architects universe with forces beyond our understanding, becoming a creeping presence that wishes to seep into the world, corrupting and consuming anything exposed to its madness. Each Null represents the disturbing reality that Erenel is but a sliver of universe surrounded by the unknown. For many who look beyond the stars, the crippling weight of this reality is terrifying.   While creating the universe, Al'Madoon, the Architect understood the threat of the Nothingness, having dealt with their otherworldly ichor before. To protect Erenel from their onslaught, he created the Sol and Stars to fight back the encroaching darkness.   After the Great Sacrifice, Al'Madoon's daughter, Luniwyn, the Silver Maiden, continues her father's fight to push back the infringing Null. Even now, the Silver Maiden willingly stares into cosmic horror, and in return, The Null stare back.
Insanity: Umbra Malady
Condition | Apr 12, 2022

5E Insanity Rules

Worshipping the Void

Cults worshipping The Null look to help their "deity" enter the Mortal Plane. These cultists often seek materialistic gains or instant gratification with no thought to an afterlife. Others feel abandoned by the Above and gladly attempt to spite the heavens, while many are lead astray, blind to reality by fake prophets.   The true motives of The Null are unknown; however, they all share one universal principle. Unable to enter Erenel thanks to Al'Madoon and Luniwyn, they must instead slither through a nucleus, born of the mortal plane. Acting as a pinprick into reality, cultists attempt to break the barrier and grasp a fraction of the Void's ultimate wisdom. Regardless, The Null's power is so extreme they can twist Erenel as their presence grows even from beyond the stars.


An Umbra Nucleus details a physical manifestation of a Null attempting to enter the mortal plane. To create a Nucleus, a Null must have a substantial influence on the targeted area and have the aid of living organisms on Erenel.   Each Null influences a different Nucleus, which upon completion, births a nightmare avatar that will grow, consume, and defile until nothing remains. Nucleus examples include but are not limited to:  
Bhalus, the Mindspike
Nucleus resembles a massive gem-stone which reflects a more beautiful and healthy version of yourself when viewing.  
Ma, Parasite of Prayer
Nucleus grows from a humanoid's womb, writhing tentacles erupting from the inside when ready.  
Tibh'ki, Souls Harrow
Nucleus resembles an organic mass floating in a pool of filth that absorbs any living organisms -gray and purple nerve strings run across the mass.  
Yig Nachal, the Thousand Eyed Spider
Nucleus resembles a pus-filled cocoon that grows out of the brain stem of a powerful magic-user.
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