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"You leave your God outside of my town⁠—I'll be fucking you while you're here, instead."


Lawless and wild, Bardwell is ruled by an ever-shifting collection of ruthless, murderous, and dishonest men—the Big Guns—who cow the town's residents into submission. While this would typically pose a threat to obstinate citizens, these men spend the majority of their short lives killing and cheating one another in an effort to remain in charge, predominantly forgetting the people they desire to govern. The people of Bardwell have yet to bring this obvious trend to light, seemingly accepting the powerful protection while relishing in near-complete freedom.   There are only three laws a man must follow in Bardwell:  
"Don't kill what ain't yours. Don't steal what ain't yours. Don't fuck what ain't yours."
  While many outsiders assume Bardwell to be barbaric, murder rarely happens outside of Big Guns business. A town working surreptitiously off of its citizens' profound abilities to tolerate violence, gunning is a crime punishable by death. Executions can be performed by "any man with good aim".


While the Big Guns remain the most powerful force against outside attacks, Bardwell's name alone carries a hefty weight on a stranger's tongue. Acting more as a haven for the reckless and godless, the town stands in peaceful twilight between chaos and control, most of the danger residing within Bardwell instead of somewhere outside of it. This has only been proven further with the arrival of the Devil.

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Guilds and Factions

Bardwell is the forsaken home of the Big Guns and their associates, most of which primarily producing weapons, ammunition, and liquor for the town, including imported goods brought by their high immigrant population. Brom and his companions often visit Bardwell to stock up on bullets and booze, eventually shifting their focus onto the Devil after entering business with him. Brom is also known to be quite a big fan of Bardwell's off-brand cigarettes and will go to illogical lengths to get his hands on them.

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