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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe an isolated or frontier settlement and how it survives in your world.
A total of 347 entries

The Lysle Itinerant Laboratory

Die königliche Kolonie von Asuet


The Isolated Mountains

Das Dorf Mura-Watatsumi

Haven One: City of Monts

Southwestern Blackrock Watchpost

The Frost Monastery

Flickering Light

The Red Hideout Caves

The Sawtooth Spine

Colonia Caligulae

The Floating Point

Life in Sultanate Villages

The Insunovis Territory

The Last Stop North

Fort Haavaldsrud

The Town on Blue Mountain

Blackbranch Village

Paymiko on Kira's Island

The Steelburn Settlement

Mist Dryads of the Venom Islands.

Tal'Gah, City of Sand

Forefront, Edge of the Frontier

The Farms of Dioya

Ogljeron Strat Hunting Camp

The Crystal City

The Island of Quod Memoria

Pentangle-Isolated colony

Deadpoint (village of)

The Great Waste's Rest

Eastern Inssan Research Vessel

City in the Sunlit Caverns

Toàriàsàmia Village

Camp Icebreaker (SC'19)

Elsawu Settlement

Frost Goblin Outpost

Karekya: The Little Peat Colony

Cold Hearth, Last House of Warmth

Brimstone Mining Station

Agricultural Settlement

Campement de bannis d'Aisheena

Treehouses of Avolotia

JSW Jadey 01 Platform

Voliguard : Starting point

Visinell Sanctuary

The Borealian Lunar Outpost

Santa's Toy Factory Compound

Nekropole Falkenbach

Freesia Space Station

Harla's Triumph

Coldsteel Barracks

Fungal Forest Community

Utomo, the Hunter's Home

The Pit Cities of Antarctica

Quarrel, The Mountain Outpost

Nowhere & North of Nowhere

Frekdal, the trading place

Engleher Pass (S10)