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Nestled in the shade of a small valley on the eastern side of The Drakeseat Mountains, Smallfell is a quiet, out-of-the-way town, conspicuous in its lack of historical significance, at least to the majority of Vallanna, having taken no great part in any of the recent events of the land, to the point that most people of Vallanna have not even heard of the village.   Indeed it was this inconspicuousness that led to the village being chosen by the young Gideon Alodar as an ideal place to hide himself away and await in despair what he believed was the inevitable victory of the Arch-Demon Val'Gorath, following his expulsion from the demon's service, during the fourth year of The Demon War.   The village is roughly equidistant from the two small towns of Whitewillow and Lightwell; each some thirty-five miles distant, as the crow flies. A spur from the trade road, on which these two towns both sit, curves around the the easternmost end of valley to reach Smallfell, and occasional travellers and traders keep the village afloat.   At the northern end of the valley, about fifteen miles from the village, is the hidden tower occupied by the secretive group known as the Members of the Staff. This group's servants will come south to trade with Smallfell on occasion, but such visits are few and far between, and the villagers do not venture close to the tower themselves.


40% Human
40% Dwarf
20% Other


The main defence of the town lies in its isolation. Armies, warbands or other attackers seldom travel near to the valley in which the village is located. The residents have constructed a wooden watchtower for keeping an eye on the road approach into the village, but many days it is unmanned.

Industry & Trade

Life in Smallfell is slow. Residents grow their own food, hunt in the woods and mountains around the village and produce crafts which can be sold to the occasional visiting trader. There is no real industry to speak of. Stone is sometimes quarried, and trees felled, for construction and repairs, but only as needed.


The buildings of the village are constructed from a combination of stone from the surrounding mountains, and wood from the trees of the valley in which it sits. Most buildings have shallow, wide roofs, designed to mitigate any potential landslides or avalanches from the mountain slopes.
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