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25/12/1307 AoU

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Vallanna is a (mostly) peaceful nation, ruled over by the Enarren family.   It is framed in the south by the frigid Ice Spine mountains, and in the west by the sprawling Auric Wastes, at the centre of which sits the huge mountaintop of Broken Peak, and the abandoned dwarven city of Auricheim. Off the nation's northern coastline sit the Amethyst Isles, so named for the abundance of the gemstone through out the rock of the islands. To the west lies the great open span of the Sea of Vallar. Magic is still present in Vallanna, although the number of magic users has yet to fully recover from the Demon War. The land's greatest magic users are all generally members of the Arcaneum - both a seat of learning and body of oversight, based in the capital city of Valliné.   Population-wise, the majority of the citizens of Vallanna are human, although there are still sizeable halfling and gnome populations, along with all other major races. The dwarves are also numerous, but maintain their own strongholds and cities alongside the human-led ones. On the whole, the high-elves keep to themselves, living in their own secluded settlements, scattered around the land, although over the years many have ventured forth and made lives for themselves among the general population.   By and large, the populace is happy to live under the rule of the Enarrens, but in the shadows plots are being hatched. Cultists worshipping dark powers move towards their dark ends, and creatures stir in the deep. Will the peace and stability of the land finally be coming to an end?   You can follow our adventures through the land of Vallanna on the Pretending With Dice podcast; available wherever podcasts are found, and directly from us at