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The Kingdom of Vallanna

The Kingdom of Vallanna is a large nation on the north-west of the continent of Aetrun, on the world of Altea, bordered by The Kingdom of Ashalla to the immediate south-west, and The Empire of Ruvaad to the east, across the inhospitable Auric Wastes.   Currently ruled by the Enarren Family(The Royal Family), headed by King Aegic Enarren from the northern coastal capital city of Valliné, the Kingdom can be broadly split into three large expanses of land - The Northern Coastal Kingdom, The Middle-Lands, and The Southern Baronies. The capitals of each of these three regions - Valliné, Laranna, and Serenal, were united under one banner during the opening years of the current age (which came to be known as the Age of Unification), although at that time, the territory that they commanded was much smaller. As the centuries have turned, many smaller baronies and dukedoms have also fallen under the banner of Vallanna, widening the territory of the kingdom.   In addition to these three major regions, a large proportion of the Auric Wastes lie within the borders of Vallanna, although by and large, they remain uninhabited, due to the hostile environment and unpredictable magical damage which persists through the region.   Among the coastal mountain range in the west of the country, the Dwarven capital city of Steinstad enjoys a degree of autonomy, although still technically being situated within Vallanna's borders. The same can be said of the Elven capital of Seorsa'Emel, situated at the heart of a large forest, across Lake Arla from the capital of the Southern Baronies, Serenal. Both the dwarves and the elves extend this autonomy to a swath of other settlements, both large and small, across the land, although some deference to the central rule of Vallanna is shown.


The Kingdom of Vallanna can be said to have come into being in its current form, in the opening years of the Age of Unification, first with the joining of the original Kingdom of Vallanna (now known as The Northern Coastal Kingdom) - then consisting of lands north of The Drakeseat Mountains, terminating in the west at The Lifeblood River, and in the east at Riftview - in 5 AoU with the Duchy of Laranna (which came to be known as The Middle-Lands), south of the mountains, and later, in 14 AoU with the even more southerly Barony of Serenal (which would become known as The Southern Baronies).   This alliance of three kingdoms laid claim to all lands east of The Lifeblood River, as far as the edge of the Auric Wastes, which at that time were considered impassable, due to the high levels of volatile background magic infusing them at the time. Over the centuries, the danger from this magic has lessened considerably, and various expeditions were conducted into the wastes. Some distance to the far east, one such expedition was to meet representatives of The Empire of Ruvaad, and after much negotiation, a border between the two nations was established in the wastes themselves.   Just over one hundred years after the unification of the three kingdoms, during the reign of King Tormon, in 116 AoU, the people of the Amethyst Isles joined Vallanna, which up until that point had been merely a close trading partner for livestock and other goods. Being brought into the fold gave them extra security from the scourge of piracy on the Sea of Whispers, and they have had little cause to regret joining the nation since that time.   As the centuries have progressed, the border of Vallanna has moved ever westward, as various baronies, duchies, and fiefdoms have pledged themselves to the King of Vallanna. Now stretching from the Sea of Vallar in the west, to the desolate border with The Empire of Ruvaad in the wastes, it has become a truly great nation.   To the south-west, Vallanna's second border was soon established with the proud people of the The Kingdom of Ashalla, although short of unprecedented hostilities between the two peoples, that border is unlikely to move at any time soon.   Beginning In 1240 AoU, the country was to face perhaps the greatest time of strife in its long history. Following a series of unexplained demonic incursions into the Prime Material Plane, a multitude of a demon-worshipping cults revealed themselves and began what became known as The Demon War. The land was plunged into chaos, with destruction and death stalking the land. Many towns and villages faced siege and annhilation. Several prominent figures of the day were assassinated throughout the course of the war; communications and passage between different parts of the kingdom broke down, and many proclaimed, with seemingly good reason, that the end-times were upon them. The war was brought to an end and peace restored after over 7 years, when the young prince regent, who would go on to become King, Aegic Enarren, along with a band of intrepid allies, won a series of key victories against the cults, before leading an army into the Auric Wastes, to Auricheim itself, where they defeated and banished the Arch-Demon, Val'Gorath, putting an end to the conflict.
Founding Date
1 AoU
Geopolitical, Country
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Controlled Territories


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