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The Drakeseat Mountains

The Drakeseat Mountains are a large range, located in central Vallanna, between the capital city of Valliné on the northern coastline and the large city of Laranna in the middle-lands.   The range is sparsely populated, although there are a couple of small communities along the trade-road which winds it's way through the range. Most notable is the dwarven settlement of Shalefast, which has sprung up around a mountainside mining operation. Closer to the southern end of the trade-road lies the small outpost of Greyreach. This is little more than a trading outpost, but serves as a regular stop-off point for travellers both beginning and ending their journey through the mountains. At the northern end of the trade-road, as it exits the mountain passes, lies the great citadel known as the Gates of Tormon. Though it has been many decades since war has come to the area, the fortress still serves as a major asset to the military of Vallanna.

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