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The Tomb of Grazak the Dragonslayer

The Tomb of Grazak the Dragonslayer is found at the foot of the Drakeseat Mountains, on the northern edge of the forest which fills the wide valley between the mountain range and the Lifeblood River.   Following his epic final battle with an ancient Red Dragon in the mountain passes on the southern reaches of the Drakeseat Mountains; Grazak's tomb was constructed at the location he finally lay dead, along with the dragon itself.   Grazak himself was interred within a simple stone sarcophagus in a large circular burial chamber, with his effects in a small side chamber. The body of the dragon was suspended above the sarcophagus as a final trophy of Grazak's lifelong fight against the chromatic dragons which gave the mountain range its name. An extensive armory and chapel was constructed as part of the entrance hall to the tomb, and many security measures were put into place to prevent any opputunistic grave-robbers from looting the tomb.   Grazak's tribe remained in the area for some years following his death, tending to the tomb, but eventually moved on to seek greener pastures elsewhere.   Some time later, a landslide at the foot of the mountain spur buried the tomb beneath many tons of soil and rock. While the tomb itself remained structurally sound, only part of the entrance way remained uncovered, and with no members of Grazak's tribe left in the area to uncover it, the location of the tomb became lost to history. The forest itself grew into the area where the tomb was located, making the tomb even harder to find.   Grazak's legend lived on, but it would be nearly three centuries before the tomb was again rediscovered, by the archaeologist Jorvyn, who had been studying the history of the Dragonslayers and organised an expedition to search for the Lost Tomb of Grazak.


The tomb of was constructed of large sturdy stone blocks, mined from the nearby mountainside.   By and large the tomb was undecorated; lacking many of the carvings and adornments that would usually befit the final resting place of such a heroic figure. Such decorations were not the way of Grazak's tribe however, so most of the stone structure is plain in design.   The main exception to this is the entryway to the structure. Serving as both a record of who was contained within the tomb and the first security measure to prevent entry; the doorway was lined with a large number of pictograms telling the story of Grazak's life. However, a number of inaccuracies and outright falsehoods were included among the true story. By pressing in the tiles which did not fit with the true history of Grazak, the door mechanism would be unlocked, allowing entry to the tomb.   The main burial chamber itself was a large circular chamber accessed by placing a stylised idol of the Orcish deity Gruumsh, found in the adjoining priests' chapel, onto a small plinth at the bottom of a set of stairs; themselves trapped to deter any potential graverobbers. The idol itself bore a mild curse that would affect the weak-minded, causing them to lash out violently against both themselves and any allies that might have accompanied them into the tomb. The burial chamber contained the stone sarcophagus of Grazak, and suspended above it, the remains of the ancient red dragon which had been the end of Grazak; and he, it.
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