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The Lifeblood River

The Lifeblood River is a major river of the land of Vallanna. It rises high in the Ice Spine mountains in the south of the country, flowing down onto the plains. It feeds into the large Lake Arla, upon the edge of which sits the regional-capital city of the Vallanna south - Serenal. At the north end of the lake, the river continues it's passage to the sea, narrowing and picking up speed as it snakes it's way across the countryside. Some distance to the north, on the banks of the river sits another regional capital - Laranna, seat of power in the middle-lands of Vallanna. Soon after passing this city, the river turns westward, curving around the roots of the Drakeseat Mountains. Several small villages and towns lie close to the river along this span, including the village of Erivale. The river soon curves North again, splitting into two tributaries, at the town of Wildriver; one continuing North towards the sea, forming a delta, upon which the large town of Springport is built; the other making it's way North-West across the country to finally empty into the Sea of Vallar, on the western coastline.


The Lifeblood River is a freshwater flow, rising high in the frosty Ice Spine mountains, carrying cool, fresh water down to the low plains, all the way to seas on the north and west of the country, hundreds of miles distant. It's first major feature after leaving the mountains is Lake Arla; a huge expanse of water, roughly 120 miles in length.

Fauna & Flora

The river is home to many species of flora and fauna, along it's length. Large shoals of river fish make their home along it, and feed many of the inhabitants of the towns, villages and cities that have been constructed along the river.

Natural Resources

Aside from the abundant fresh water that makes up the river itself, many minerals are carried down from the high peaks to the plains, enriching the lands around the river and providing much needed nutrician to the land.