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Visinell Sanctuary

Location: Seventh Lamp South, Third Lamp West from Brightspire   Visinell is like many of the smaller human settlements on Laethelle. It is a densely packed collection of sturdy houses, whose Lamp-facing walls boast large windows to allow the maximum amount of light into each home. Unlike other settlements however, Visinell boasts something else: a network of tunnels and galleries located beneath the village itself. While ordinarily this might be cause for alarm, as the Thramorri are known to make heavy use of tunnels of their own, in this case, the risk is minimal. The cave system is small, near to the surface, and features a single opening located at the base of the village's Lamp.


Gerontocracy made up of a ruling Circle of elders. New members are appointed by consensus, based on their contributions to the community and their standing.


The primary defense is of course the Lamp. It is bright enough to deter all but the most powerful Thramorri from entering; for most, the Lamp's light would mean immediate, agonizing death.   The village also possesses some rudimentary palisades and the villagers have reinforced the doors to the caverns below the town. They have moved dried goods and a large collection of Sunstones into the caves. Should they have a need, the villagers could seal themselves inside the caverns and survive for several weeks at least.


Visinell produces large quantities of fungus and preserved meat (from giant cave salamanders), in addition to scribes, artisans and the occasional Tinker or Lightsman.


Visinell Sanctuary is slightly more than 200 years old, and was founded during the last great wave of Lamp construction.


Buildings are made largely from Lamp-dried brick, packed with mud and sealed with a plaster made from abundant chalk deposits nearby. The oldest buildings are nearest the Lamp, and are built almost as a single building ringing the base of the Lamp, with wide corridors cut at even intervals through the structure.
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