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Haven One: City of Monts

There are no safe places. Only safer places.
— Mayor Tristan of Monts
  The underground city is a bright spot in human culture amid the hostile environment that the Wizard Empires foster. Rumors are growing of a budding peaceful civilization safe from the Wizard eyes and mutant warlord guns. A haven for all free men and women of earth.   Council of Wizards are putting some efforts into the tales of this Haven, and they are offering rewards to anyone with information on the fabled outpost.


Almost all of the populace is human. A few droids and some nonaligned mutants are given refuge here.


Administration Branch

The Administrators have a fledging governmental system in place. The Mayor is given the duty to oversee the day to day operations of the mega facility. How to deal with refugees, compiling problems from the other factions. Direct City Protection efforts and if necessary conduct military expeditions. Finally, update the factions with news of the community and outside world.  

Law Givers

The Council compromises of one elected leader of each faction to manage laws and distribute resources according to need. The Lead Council member must be of the Sourcer Faction.  

Law Enforcers and Adjudicators

A Sheriff/Constable is assigned to enforce rules and is allowed to adjudicate minor conflicts. If the Constable perceives a major issue, he can call a House of Constables to confer the case. The Convening of Constables consists of one Constable of each faction and they decide major conflicts that relate to City laws and dispense justice. This takes place during the last week of each month.


The Security efforts of the City are always on alert. The entrance points to the hidden city require vigilance and efficiency. Many of the areas had to be closed off simply because there were not enough human resources to protect the people. Most incursions consist of wandering mutants or alien monsters. However, if a Wizard ever discovers the city location, all efforts must be brought to bear on taking him (or her) out as quickly as possible. The city is in no position to deal with a great military expedition or campaign.

Industry & Trade

danube2013 by jonone
Trade routes often include travel through underground rivers or old sewer lines to avoid detection. Merchants are careful to have their wares brought in at low light hours or even late night when the moon is full. A strict schedule has been developed to minimize cargo loss.

Monts has a good trade center for its people and takes pride in establishing trade routes that are free from raiders and highwaymen. If a shipment does get confiscated, a strike force is sent to retrieve goods and recover those who may have been scattered.
underground market.png
Underground Marketplace by fmacmanus


Pictured on the Cover is a good example of a day in Monts. Converted Malls and subterranean theatres assist with housing and such. The walkways are worn, but still functioning. Most areas are in a bad state of neglect, but it is making a comeback.  
by jonone
The Crafters labor in keeping the rusted supports from crumbling, keep the solar panels up for power and the keep the cement wall cracks filled as best they can. Water is still available but it is tested and rationed by the Sourcers.

Guilds and Factions

For about a century, a few recognized factions have developed as families or groups with common interests banded together to improve chances of survival. To this day the people of the Monts know who is who and their role in the underground headquarters.   Faction Information


People who knew the importance of preserving the technological advancement of the past and striving to unlock the Wizard Technomancers resources and skills. The goal is to bring power to the underground city and make it a formidable technology haven to spread to other human outposts. They deal with data distribution, research, and energy accumulation.  


Border Patrols, internal peacekeeping, military research, production, and buildup. A noble calling for any young man in the city  


Dedicated to agriculture, resource management /distribution, rationing, and financial markets  


Experts of all transport inside and outside of the city. Designs, constructs and repairs trains, vehicles and subterranean passages.  


Gather, Process and utilize any information on Wizards, alien species, Ancient civilizations  

Council and Mayor administrators

Lead and guide the city, resettlement and housing and resistance efforts with its direction and culture  

Craft and Engineering

Tasked with construction, repairs, and maintenance of housing, city structural integrity, plumbing, electricity, sewage. This is the largest faction.


The underground city was promoted as an important tourist attraction by what we have gathered from old manuscripts. In a nutshell, historians call it more as a large complex with linking railway stations. While many ancient cities had some underground system, City of Monts had one of the most developed subterranean centers ever known. It was hailed as the largest underground complex in the world. It stretches for 32 kilometers (20 miles) and covers 4 million square meters (one and a half square miles). Shortly after the Impacts, much of the complex was looted. The haven eventually became a battleground for people during the century because of survival pressures, but a few heroic men and women were able to unite the tribal communities to face the Wizard threat on the surface. As a result of the effort, the underground city combined their dwindling resources and formed a resistance movement like none other.


Though most of the connecting tunnels pass underground, many of the key passageways and principal access points are located at ground level, and there is also one broken sky bridge (between Lucien-L'Allier Metro station and Gare Lucien L'Allier). In this regard, the Underground City is more of an indoor city than a truly subterranean city, although there are vast commercial sectors located entirely underground.  
If you come across and "outshoot", you may have an entrance point to the underground city. Monts has quite a few hidden in plain sight. These outshoots are manned with sentries and binoculars to keep watch for trouble. If Wizards or mutants arrive, they shift the floor itself to make the outshoot appear abandoned.
Outpost Texas by jonone
On the surface, the transporters have secret hubs to fuel or charge up and embark on trade routes. Most caravans do have some protection. The Monts need trade to provide for everyone and guard points of contact with the surface fiercely.
platform by jonone


underground tunnel.png
The numerous passageways and tunnels interconnect the open area and housing centers. A few makeshift subterranean railways run on coal power to give ease or trade and population management.

Natural Resources

Growing underground rations are an important source of food for the people of Mont. Edible mushrooms, cucumbers, pumpkins, and tomatoes seem to work well in the soils of the city. Mining for metals and rock for concrete or slabs are used to enlarge housing areas. A sizeable cache of ammunition and handheld weapons are going to market for other outposts as well.

Prison break by jonone
Housing is better than most out there. They are striving to provide apartments, but the workers are so far behind most people bunk up and let passing travelers fend for themselves. The Mayor offers premium rooms for hefty fees, including his own office.

Alternative Name(s)
Grand City, Havenhope
Large city
30,000 estimated
Inhabitant Demonym

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