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Council of Wizards

Fellows - We come here not because we want to do so, but it is our destiny. This planet is ripe as a delicious and plenty is the bounty. Let us gorge on its harvest!
— Lord Argoth
  The Council of Wizards is a group of Twelve self-elected leaders of Earthrend. They stake their claims of authority over the world based on power, influence, and resources.  

The Current Members

In no particular order:   Lord Argoth - Wizard of a Thousand Eyes controls the Mexifornia region the capital is Vanow   Vashtarr is running the northwestern area formerly known as Seattle and Canada. Citadel of the Spire   Mindok the Mind Menace is a recent loss to the Council as he was removed by a Barbarian. His former sphere of control was in the Southeast Americas. to complicate things, the High Wizard Sabian has been slain in a battle with a Wizard of no authority Sarott - Hedge Wizard.   The far east claims to be contested as Kublai - Wizard of the Far East is rumored to be signifcantly weakened by a rebellion when The Golden Sceptre of the Yantzee was used against him. China has lots of Wizards striving to achieve High status there.   Mazam has recently achieved High Wizard status and is likely to resume authority by next year in the South Americas   Skorpos is frontrunner for the African region, but there are plenty of contests to upset him at any time.   While Circe - Witch prevented any serious Council member from establishing a base in Eastern Europe, she has been dispatched and it is open. The Council recently gave Volgara a seat, and her Spanish headquarters is busy establishing dominance.   Xamad has the former continent known as Australia under his thumb, but the location is difficult to give support and is ripe for a revolution.   Nilats and Ninel are twins that claim the Russian federation territories, but human resistance has been fierce. It is open for contests.   Muhammad runs the Middle East under the auspices that he is some deity that has returned to conquer all. The Council chuckles at that notion and lets the narrative play out.   Knecktolos the Frozen Lord has no challengers since he put up his citadel in the Antartic continent. How he can sustain things is a marvel to research.   High Wizards Skullos and Octagon are waging war for dominance in the midwestern Americas   Lightstarr is a founder and is the de facto leader of the Council. He prefers to have ambassador headquarters in Capitals to ensure council presence and communication.


The Council only gives the top Twelve High Wizards a seat at the table. They feel any more complicates the fragile alliances and any less is too weak to hold control. The only way one can become a Council member is first to demonstrate the capacity to control a vast region at least the size of Alaska. Council Wizards demand a Showing on all prospects.   A Showing is a term grabbed from the ancient human world of real estate. The Wizard applicant has to allow inspection of his empires holdings to satisfy the conditions. Inspectors sent to an empire will account for things like resources and storage, military might and security systems. They also weigh the local Wizards who pledge allegiance to the Wizard Lord. Most importantly, the inspector must evaluate the human farm programs.   Once minimum requirements are met, they are given the title High Wizard. This badge of distinction tells the world that they are eligible to sit on the Council. If a vacancy opens up, they can contest for the seat.   Council Wizards have a rough alliance system though it is far from binding. If a Council Wizard suffers natural mishaps - plagues, catastrophic weather /volcanoes/ tsunamis, etc. The Council members will provide support and resources to the affected Empire as a show of good faith.   If the Council Wizard suffers war, rebellion, or permanent hinderance (unfit to rule), then the empire is on its own, and no one is obliged to assist.   The High Wizards strive to keep favor with the Council. A majority vote is taken annually by the Council to determine a High Wizard's status if they are still eligible. An award or seal of approval is all the High Wizard needs for the year to receive the perks of the Council.   High Wizards delegate leadership to loyal Wizards. Those who aspire to become High Wizards must demonstrate a similar capacity to run a principality within the empire. Production in resources, human management, security force strength, technological ingenuity is some of the factors the Council encourages in Wizard candidates. If a Wizard receives a commendation by a High Wizard or Council member, they can manage a Captial.   Unfortunately for all, the theoretical organization designs are not well respected. Wizards are prone to unstable outbursts, and war is common among them. Treachery and deceit can forge a pathway to power as well as a large army. Hence, the rise and fall of Wizard empires are standard, and there is little that can be done to keep order.

Public Agenda

Total subjugation of the planet. Rebuild all empires and conquer the solar system and galaxy


    The Council strives to foster trade and commerce of resources to effectively rule the planet. While this is far from reality, the High Wizards who have survived thus far have compiled significant resources for their empires:  
  1. Human slaves - these are the backbone of any empire. They can serve a variety of functions provided they are productive and loyal
  2. Food, water, shelter - Keep those slaves alive and mutant mercs work better when well fed and provided
  3. Rare metals - gold, silver, platinum, copper are metals still of value. they can be forged into reliable technology and suitable to human commerce
  4. Technology research - If a security drone system can safeguard an area while you siege an enemy, you have an advantage. If you discover a power source that can outlast others, you are more powerful. Technology from the fallen shards are becoming more scarce, but ancient human technology can be discovered and upgraded to make things better for your empire.
  6. Magic - learning ways to unlock the skills of other Wizards can give an edge over the competition.


The Wizards brought forth wrath during the emergence in 2135. Within a decade, humanity military defenses crumbled under the technological prowess of the Wizards. The most Powerful Wizards claimed vast regions but had little or no resources to maintain them. Chaos is the norm. Might and savagery run the day, even among other Wizards.

Foreign Relations

Diplomacy is encouraged but rarely used by Wizards. High Wizards in high regard of the Council are masters in Diplomacy. The problem that usually occurs that ruin diplomatic overtures involve savage "wild cards." For example, a barbarian revolution, an alien monster, or a deceitful emissary. Council members often resort to violence as well instead of diplomatic solutions, so it is one big mess out there.
Geopolitical, Magocracy
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Barter system
The Gold Standard and the human slave trade
Judicial Body
Wizards recognized by the Council in some manner have authority to apply justice for the respect of the others. High Wizards might assign Sherriffs to areas to deal with problems in return for political favors or assets. If a High Wizard has rules for an area, the Sheriffs are expected to administer them.
Controlled Territories

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